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I have put off watching this film for quite a while now, purely on the basis that because it looked like the typical action film where somebody learns something new about their personality, and I don't want to be disappointed for the first time on a film that starred Will Smith. Every film this amazing man has been in, I have greatly enjoyed - even the horribly slated 'I Am Legend' ... Having watched it, merely minutes ago - I was not let down, in both the fact that it is your typical movie storyline and that it was another great from Mr. Smith himself.

Story wise, you can probably tell all you need to learn from the adverts - father and son crash land on a futuristic Earth and must survive. The points that are missed out involve a creature called an Ursa - this human hunter tracks it's prey via their fear and the pheromones secreted when we're afraid. Some people learn to live without fear ad become invisible to the Ursa, allowing them to fight back freely - a process called 'Ghosting'. Will Smith's character is able to do this, but Jaden Smith's character is a little cry-baby ... Upon crash-landing on Earth, they find an Ursa has been let loose from it's prison - no points for guessing the rest of the story.

Now, you might ask, how can it still be a great film even though the story is boringly predictable? It's quite simple - that magical spark between father and son that both Will and Jaden have. For over half the movie, the only characters we see are them and that means they have to work that little bit extra in order to captivate the audience - and they did not disappoint. I thought Jaden to be a little ... Wooden, at the start, he seemed to only have one expression - terrified - but as you go through the movie you see his character grow and develop ... Well done Jaden Smith. Will Smith - you were great as always.

I don't want to end on bad points, but I feel they must be bought up - at one point, overlooking a cliff, the script got a little confusing ... Father and son start arguing about a past event and I have no idea how the topic came up. Secondly, I would have liked a little more detailing, some descriptions of what the various furutistic contraptions do. Finally, what happens after the end? Are we seriously just going to cut it off with them flying away? I really wanted to see some kind of appreciation for Jaden's character, after what he's just been through and what was recorded, he should be promoted immediately and given some kind of honours - but no, it just ends.

Overall - a great film, if a little slow to start ... But trust me, when things start hunting the little lad, it gets a whole lot more interesting.

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