After Effects of Earth Quake

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It takes only a moment to destroy, what takes years to build.

I often use this philosophy to elucidate my feelings when I'm going through a bad phase of my relationship.
But today, after watching the massacre and mayhem of the dreadful incident that happened yesterday; my philosophy fits for every section of life.

Well we won't discuss the statistical destruction of this incident but I'll be focusing on the dream of people.

Let us just imagine the pain of that boy with an age of 15 years, lying on the road: not even able to gather his scattered body parts. That boy might have dreamed to become an athlete.

The girl whose face is scared with the fallen ceiling of her own house, might have dreamed to become a model after her college.

We can share the stories of thousands of such affected persons, but we cannot share their pain. What we can do is that we dig out most the happiness which must have trodden in the after effects of this Earth Quake. So stand up and become a helping hand.

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