A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Movie Review: Is Robot Able To Love?

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A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Movie Review - Photo credit: twitter, edition by Amber255 for bitLanders

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - science fiction, directed by Steven Spielberg, the owner of some Oscars and master to add paranoia to the wild human fantasy that predicts the future of humanity as having survived another global catastrophe and settling side by side with robots.

He quickly captures the attention with his sharp plot and urgent problems: is there an idyll on Earth, is it possible to achieve the greatness of human thought and make it possible to even create a robot that can love? This is a question of ethics, and that’s what we should understand.

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is a film that will make almost every viewer get overwhelmed. Steven Spielberg definitely knows the sore points that should be pressed and skillfully uses it. This story is one of the most heartbreaking ones I've ever seen.

After watching, all thoughts remained somewhere there, in the credits of this magnificent creation of Mr. Spielberg. You notice another scar in your cinematic consciousness: painful, highly adorning, and far from memorable.

At heart it's a terribly anguished expression of rejection, loneliness and love. If only it knew when to stop.

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Needless to say, this is a modern futuristic fairy tale with a taste of real life, ingeniously created by each person involved? To many, it would seem absurd both the idea itself and the film as a whole. Take the robot instead of a child? Complete nonsense! After all, they have no flesh, no blood. But we should not consider ourselves to be a truth's drop on the entire earth. A stranger's soul is darkness, it’s not worth talking about why you took a robot-child, but you can understand.

I will not write many words but just ask: when watching a movie, try not to shed a single tear. Can you? Your cheeks can stay dry, but the soul will cry.


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The Plot

The film shows apocalyptic future of humanity, where to our surprise, robots are much more humane than humans.

A film tells about the future in which humanity has the opportunity to replace people with robots. In the meantime, one of the professors had the idea of creating a robot child who would be able to sincerely love the family where he was lucky to be. But it is not known whether this love is mutual and how correct such an act, with respect to a creature who can feel, from a moral point of view is. 

Nevertheless, as a result, the robot is created, and it goes to the family, where the child of blood and flesh is in a coma for a long time; in a family of couple Monica (Frances O’Connor) and Henry (Sam Robards). A child in a coma is, probably, a serious motivation for parents to replace the dying son with a machine.

At first, the mother cannot get used to the new device in the house, but then activates the love program for the mother and binds the boy to her, which does not prevent her after some time to leave him alone in the forest - you better live alone than people would destroy you.

Science fiction drama about robots: A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  - Photo credit: imdb

So begins the adventures of the boy David on the way to his dream. He meets different people (and not only), becomes a witness to different events, but he knows only one thought - I have to become real so that my mother will love me.

This is a movie about a cruel world that has always been and always will be. When watching, you often wonder - who is worse: robots or people? People created machines whose only purpose is to love people, but only one of them, the boy David, demanded love in return. People, unfortunately, are so conceited that they prefer love only to themselves.

The Idea

If a robot truly loves a person, what responsibility does this love impose on a person?

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is built on the theme of the relationship between the robot and the surrounding world, in particular, with the most ruthless creatures, humans.

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Movie Review - Photo credit: /wallpapers-all

This film is one of those that touches the topic of the inner world of the robot. We learn that they can feel feelings, and their relation to these very feelings is also quite interesting. Having received the options of love, fear, compassion, hatred, and many others, robots are confronted with a cruel world, where they and David have a very difficult time. One of the main questions people ask is: How to treat people like David? I think he asked himself the same question.

We are responsible for those who we have tamed. We are responsible for those who we have born and for those who have been taken under our wings. But we are also responsible for those, whom we have created, even if artificially, and even if as an experiment. Especially if in our creation, we have laid the soul, love, and consciousness.

And what is a real man? Can David be considered a man, even though his body is not organic? What is the main thing in the definition of man - spirit or matter?

Science fiction drama about robots: A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Photo credit: blog.skhynix

The film is interesting primarily because there it is very true, as I think, the moral and ethical side of creating AI. This is the main thing. Should we create robots that can feel? Should they be treated like people? Can we love them? After watching it, I became firmly convinced that the answer to all these questions is no.

People need to be human, and robots need to be robots. Of course, it would be flattering for scientists to create a human-robot, but this is only their pride; there is no need for that. This does not mean that you should abandon the development of AI at all. It is just necessary to use AI in specific areas. I do not think that in the foreseeable future, it will be possible to create a truly humanoid robot. But if it ever comes true, it will be a black day for humanity. A robot endowed with real feelings will experience only pain and suffering; it will not be able to find a place among people.

Robot David 

Scriptwriters have shown us everything that is necessary to fall in love with this little but brave hero: the first draft of the creation, idea; about his past, family reunion; and about the great cruelty of the world; and about the desire to go on, by all means, overcoming one difficulty after another, believing in what you do with all your heart, even if it is mechanical.

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dinner Scene - Video credit: youtube

I would like to mention the talented actor's game of Haley Joel Osment, the leading actor, David's robot. I don’t think that at that moment there would have been a better candidate than this boy who could more deeply and fully embody such a complex image. Indeed, it was interesting to watch his character.

A young actor will make anyone shed tears. A spectator who loves films of the 90s knows for sure this child, who starred in a huge number of film masterpieces, and his acting skills won't leave anyone indifferent. The most dramatic moments touching the soul are with a character of Haley. He is not inferior to his colleagues in the cast, and sometimes even overshadows them.

Perfectly conveyed the character of a boy-robot so desperately in love with his mother. There really is nothing unnatural because children always love their parents. And he is a child. Though he consists of chips and iron. Throughout the film, he dreams of becoming a real boy so that her mother would love him.

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He is confident in his feelings, and they are real, much more sincere than those that people experience. Absolutely true love. Against the background of all these human emotions, a little robot with feelings looks much more humane and sincere. I wanted to grab him all the time, hug him close, and say that everything will be fine. Unfortunately, the creator of this child-robot doomed him to suffering, because his mother could not take responsibility for herself, but little David could never stop loving her.

Adventures in this cruel world of the boy-robot - David will touch the soul of even the most persistent skeptics. He so inspires confidence that you are torn between the belief that he can become real and his tragic life situation, even though he is still lifeless. It is hard to believe in it, both to the spectator himself and to those who meet him.

David: Mommy, no! Mommy! Mommy, if Pinocchio became a real... and I become a real boy, can I come home?

Credit: imdb

Poor David, poor robot boy who, unfortunately, can love. Throughout the film, I kept repeating: don't worry, he's a robot, and this is his program. And then you watch and realize that he is just a little boy who wants maternal love. But neither fairy nor time helps to find what he is looking for. And I am sad with him because of hopelessness that David cannot become an organism of flesh and blood.

David personifies all the children who feel abandoned, who want to win the love of their parents and who do not understand what they should do so that Mom finally loves them.

Other Characters and Actors

Throughout the film, this robot boy goes through many trials. In one of them, he met a robot lover Joe, who was played by Jude Law in a fabulous way. It is unusual to see this actor in the lead role, but his sophistication, the game itself, how artificial he looks, also catches the eye.

bitLanders AI-Themed BloggingA.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEPhoto credit: dailymotion

Joe has his own worldview where he delivers great pleasure to women of any age. But, despite the fact that they are so different, they are able to create a kind of utopian friendship, which at that time, was not characteristic even to some people.

Gigolo Joe : They made us too smart, too quick and too many. We are suffering for the mistakes they made because when the end comes, all that will be left is us. That's why they hate us. And that is why you must stay here... with me.

Credit: imdb

The actions of his younger brother, Martin (Jake Thomas), surprise us at what age children are already aware of everything that is happening around and can manipulate those around them to get what they need. Here such a quality as the feeling of possession, jealousy, the thirst for maternal love was well manifested

The unhappy child, programmed to love only one person, turned out to be an unbearable burden for this man - his mother.

You can not believe that people can be so insensitive and turn the destruction of robots into show business, and the robots themselves can only stay close to each other. Such a dislike for the main character, named Monica (Frances O'Connor), I have not experienced for quite some time. Yes, she can be understood to some extent, but the way she dealt with the unfortunate creature cannot be justified. The scene between David and Monica in the forest mercilessly breaks the heart to pieces. 

I still do not understand the behavior of the mother, without understanding, just throwing the child away, but the problem is usual: the “brothers” could not share the mother and, as sometimes happens, were jealous of each other.

The film about robots A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Photo credit: imdb 

Overall Impression

The film is very interesting, emotional, touching, strong, looks in one breath, and at the same time, heavy. I was even glad that David is a robot, which also has nerves of steel. If he were a real child, he would have already become crazy from all that was happening to him.

The robots in the film are humane; they are not guilty that they are robots. They are ready to work, serve people, they want to live, but instead, like malicious criminals, they are brutally destroyed in the arena under the frantic applause of the audience, as in the medieval execution.

For humans, the robot remains a robot, nothing more. So you can do anything with it without regret, with greedy cruelty. Sometimes something human wakes up in people; they are not ready to kill a boy, even a robot. But just for now. And only because superficially he too resembles a real person.

The closer the story comes to a finale, the more doubt settles in the soul of the viewer. No, not about whether the film is good or bad. We see that the moral and psychological boundaries between the robot and the man are erased, and it becomes unclear - who is clearer, sincere, and honest in many episodes - is the man or the robot?

Will a person in the peak situation show the stubbornness and despair that David showed? There is no definite answer.

The film about robots A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Photo credit: imdb

A little out of place for me was a fun show over robots, featured in several episodes. It created a feeling of primitive thinking and barbarism. If a person is higher than a robot in his thinking, then he would not have reached that.

The world of the future was shown interestingly - a sort of metropolis and advanced technology.

Despite that film is listed as a science fiction film, I did not notice fantastic elements in the film (or rather did not pay attention to them). Quite the contrary; for me, everything that happened was perceived as real events. For example, David can be associated with a child or with any other living creature that was tamed to fill the void, and as a result, upon the expiration of the mission, left to himself ruthlessly throwing him out into the street.

Or unfit robots, which do not bring anyone a single gram of harm but which are destroyed only because they are robots can be associated with people whose worldview does not coincide with the majority, and for this, they are subject to persecution. But the apogee of madness was not just the destruction of the no longer needed robots but the process itself, which turned into a whole show including a variety of humiliations before dying.

Science fiction film A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Photo credit: imdb

However, I would like to note one significant disadvantage. In my opinion, the last twenty minutes were more than redundant. Insanely dramatic but the perfect ending was at the moment when David jumps into the water. Honestly, I had the feeling that this was the end of the film. Subsequent events, especially with aliens, spoiled the plot. The film completely plunged into the fantasy genre. Perhaps this is the only negative I came across.

A human, even in the distant future, who has not yet fully understood his own feelings and love in the first place, needs to think a hundred times before deciding on such experiments on imparting emotions to artificial organisms. And if you decide, then be ready that the feelings of the robot may, as a result, be as perfect as his mind. And much more thoroughly than people. 

David loves it that way - sincerely and without any impurities.

Paradox: the man taught the robot to love as a human is not yet able. And he was not ready for this. Nor does he know what to do next, whether to allow a creature to exist along with feelings more perfect than his, whether to give this creature rights to them?

On A Final Note

I am infinitely convinced that in this work, there will be a personal, deepest, memorable, touching scene for everyone. Now I still see how the obsessive robot boy relentlessly an unbearable amount of time continues to love, believe, and pray for his one and only dream in some unimaginable way.

Science fiction film A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  - Photo credit: twitter

Perhaps the creation of man will love more than the man himself is able. For now, it remains only to apologize for this cruel world.

The motion picture is completely permeated with loneliness, pain, and fear of being needless and a burden to the one you love. 

The film involves you fully. Here you worry about the hero's journey as if watching from the side, next to him, and this makes it hard for the heart. After all, we clearly saw how selfish people are, how terrible they are and for what they are ready to go to arrange a good show for to grab a lot of money, not stopping at anything. We saw how people can destroy other people's dreams, but also like something new, rational, never previously existing, ready to make the robot-child happy by giving him what he wants most. And let the term of this desire be brutally small - a day, but it is what gives that happiness, for which you can do anything.

It's a heartbreaking film.

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