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AI-Themed Blogging: STAR WARS: VI EPISODE - RETURN OF THE JEDI, 1983 - Photo credit: 1366x768wallpaper, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

Robots, playful and progressive, have probably become real stars as never in the epic of director George Lucas, whose name is known to everyone on our planet. For almost thirty years, a master of fantastic cinema has continued the story of a world he has created throughout the galaxy. With one imaginary move, he transfers the viewer from the daily routine to the infinite starry space of possibilities, searching, and cognition. However, the fundamental problem of the film is the deep root of the dilemmas of every man's spiritual daily life.

Since the 5th Episode of Star Wars stopped in the middle of the action that the sequel's appearance was obvious and inevitable. This time, the British director, Richard Marquand, sits in the chair of the intergalactic adventure epic (for whom this film has become one of the last in an early end of his filmography) - the first and only non-American entrusted with directing Star Wars.

It's everything it ought to be -- glorious, exhilarating, exciting, absorbing, technically wondrous. But there also is something bittersweet in the knowledge that, with Jedi, we are bidding a fond farewell to all of the characters we got to know so well.

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By the way, this was not the first candidate for the director's chair - it was proposed to David Lynch who refused because he believed that Star Wars was a deal exclusively for Lucas, and chose to create a Dune, 1984. The other candidate David Cronenberg who had worked for a few films at that time had to refuse a proposal also because of his full timetable. So, finally, the third time did not lie, and Richard Marquand agreed to direct the new part of the Star Wars.

George Lucas himself returned to the screenplay this time, which has also contributed a lot to film directing. In practice, it could be considered the second director. Lucas praised Mr. Marquand for his ability to work well with actors.

However, although the creation of the sequel was as obvious as it was, the real name was hidden for a long time, and no one outsiders knew what was actually filmed. Finally, the original version of the real name was Revenge Of The Jedi, but when Lucas decided that revenge is not a characteristic of the Jedi and changed the name to RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Star Wars is a modern legend for our time, and all films are still relevant today - video effects and always relevant themes make an impression on the audience.

STAR WARS: VI EPISODE - RETURN OF THE JEDI Trailer - Video credit:youtube

The Plot

After the rebels destroyed the Star of Death, the Empire did not drop their hands and secretly began to build a new, more powerful weapon. Darth Vader (David Prowse) arrived to see how the new weapon construction works. The pace of work is not satisfying him, so the leading officers must increase the speed of creation because the Emperor (Ian McDiarmid) will arrive soon.

At that time, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams), Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and robots droids C3PO (Anthony Daniels) and R2D2 (Kenny Baker) arrive at Tatuin to save from space mafia bass Han Solo (Harrison Ford), still frozen in the carbonite plate.

There is, of course, a need for effort, but ultimately they succeed and successfully escaped. Then Luke returns to Dagobah to master Yoda (Frank Oz)to complete the Jedi training. However, Yoda feels poorly and tells only that Luke no longer needs to continue his training.

Now, the most important task of Luke - to confront Dart Vader - is the only way to help the rebels seek the liberation of the clutches of the Empire.

STAR WARS VI EPISODE - Photo credit: twitter

The Content

The Return of the Jedi is the last film of the classic Star Wars trilogy. The film has its own tone. If the first Star Wars film was bold, innovative space opera and the sequel The Empire Strikes Back was a great holiday, then the RETURN OF THE JEDI is a rampage of character invention.

If episodes IV and V are separated by an indefinite period, then VI takes place immediately after V. However, while it seems obvious that friends could not leave Han Solo Jabba's captivity and come to his liberation, for the filmmakers, at least initially, it was not so obvious. Harrison Ford was the only actor with the contract only for one continuation. 

From the current perspective, it was a real possibility that Han Solo would disappear into cosmic infinity somewhere between episode V and VI or would be sacrificed at the beginning of episode VI. The different fate than in the final version was originally intended for Luke Skywalker; it was not planned to show Yoda.

RETURN OF THE JEDI - Photo credit: medium

If we were to look at the Star Wars, we would find that this film meets the criteria of the western genre: big spaces, good fights against evil. These themes are typical for the western, but it is like a western of space, and nothing similar was created before. In addition, the special effects even now seem very good, though everything they achieved using dolls, models.

The plot, as in the entire old trilogy, is simple and elegant. There are two storylines: Han Solo and Leia vs. Empire, and Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader and the Emperor. They are both quite interesting, intersect in the right places, each complementing each other in its own way.

One thing that Star Wars never do is not spend a lot of time on the introduction. Unlike films, where new creatures are presented with painstaking plot decisions, the Jedi immediately plunges alien beasts into the thick of events.

STAR WARS VI EPISODE  - Photo credit: bradleybasement.wordpress

Therefore, films have such a sense of visual wealth. In the end, after three films, we get an epic journey of our fantasy. Lucas has a common ability with all the great storytellers to create a complete world. 

The dialogues of the characters do not cause disgust; on the contrary, they are attracting by their importance in the plot, they greatly influence the film, and it is interesting for you to listen to them.

Perhaps the flaw is an overly sugary ending. I'm not a bloodthirsty person, I like happy ends, but with the intensity of the struggle during the three episodes, the seriousness of the enemies, and the importance of the victory, the ending could be more serious.

The film about robots: RETURN OF THE JEDI - Photo credit: imdb

The Characters 

The Star Wars VI episode does not break the tradition and gives the opportunity to see the unseen planets, unknown forms of life, new or previously episodic characters, vehicles, new truths about characters.

Characters as always charming. Self-confident Luke - he no longer looks like that dreamy boy from the wilds, whom we saw in A New Hope: he kills enemies without hesitation, he is clever and dangerous. 

I like Luke fighting through the whole movie with himself. From the moment we see him, we understand that he is different from that guy. Confident and calm, fully dressed in black. Luke is incredibly strong and in control of himself. When he enters Jabba’s palace, he is not looking for a fight, but he is ready to do it to save his friends.

RETURN OF THE JEDI movie review - Photo credit: wallpapersite

Leia and Han Solo are already together. I can’t say that it is interesting to follow the development of their relationship, but they don’t put an emphasis on them as such. Leia is the same brisk, Han is still the same joker and charming guy. Han is clearly trying to prove that he is in love with the princess and is ready to protect her from everything. And, of course, he does not suspect that Luke is Leia's brother, and he periodically jealous her for him.

We see the very Emperor, undoubtedly impressive and cunning. Darth Vader goes through the most interesting evolution, changing with each of his replicas.

Luke : Your overconfidence is your weakness.

The Emperor : Your faith in your friends is yours!

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In this Star Wars episode, quite a lot of time devotes to two relatively new characters - Jabba the Hut (very briefly seen in Episode IV) - a non-sympathetic toad and Cheshire cat's hybrid, and Emperor Palpatine (who appears only in the hologram on the V episode) trying to predispose Luke to the dark side.

Bears-like Ewoks also play an important role (which, according to the original idea, had to be from the Chewbacca tribe) - some fans and critics believe that their importance is overestimated and somewhat illogical, but Mr. Lucas, whose to create Ewoks inspired the parallel of the Vietnam War, actively defended this decision.

RETURN OF THE JEDI movie review - Photo credit: imdb

Ewoks, those furry little bear-like creatures, living on the forest planet of Endor and boiling from curiosity, can have very primitive tools at their disposal; they are harmless and act as a very effective manifestation of one of the metaphors that run through the entire franchise: they are David for Goliath.

As already mentioned - and how could be expected - in episode VI, the familiar characters appear again on the screens. The actors in the third part have already lived up with the actors they have created, who have grown a bit more professionally and improved. This is especially true for Mark Hamill, who plays Luke. By the way, the last scene of episode VI, after the creation of the prehistory trilogy, was somewhat altered - instead of one actor another one appeared, who again liked not all fans of the epopoeia.

Droids. All the same two cute droids C-3PO and R2D2 are ready to please the viewers and to present them separately somehow does not really work out. These robots prove that they also have a soul and they are no worse than humans.

Star Wars franchise - Photo credit: imdb 

The Technical Side

Technically, the Star Wars VI episode retains a similar level to its two predecessors. Although the quality of the image effects is the same or even slightly lower compared to other parts, it is still at a high level. The several scenes for a full-fledged space battle with an abundance of lasers, explosions, and entertainment wait for the viewers! What else is needed?

A team added a lot of work to the special effects, but in itself, it does not make the film a value. Special effects work when they create a compelling environment; yeah, when the viewer trusts this is true.


STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI - Battle of Endor - Video credit: youtube

Graphics - it is of a good level here even for these times. There is no such thing that you want to revise this film, you start to watch, and you understand that you do not want to watch it because of the graphics. Not gorgeous, but everything is fine.

The sound effects are great; the soundtrack is the unique motif of Star Wars known from the first part. Music in some places was very cool, to the goosebumps on the skin. To me, this episode is the most musical, the kindest, and the most puppet part of the first six episodes.

The work of the camera is also good - especially the captivating catches in Endore.

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The Actors

The cast is unchanged, but still, it is nice to look at Harrison Ford. He is still a charismatic and attractive actor. Princess Leia - Katie Fisher - is gorgeous. It is very sad that such an actress is no longer with us. Mark Hammill perfectly conveys the man the young Jedi has become.

The game of actors is not better but not worse than in the fifth episode. Everyone plays their roles at the proper level. A couple of scenes were tense, and I didn't really like it, but they didn't look like something ridiculous and absurd. Rather, there is a feeling that it would be possible to make certain scenes more sensual in terms of the game, but what we see still looks quite good.

Still, the game of all the actors set the tone for the film, making the adventure such that you want to watch it again. 

Star Wars franchise - Photo credit: imdb

On A Final Note

As could be expected, the Star Wars VI episode solved the problems of the first two parts, focused on the main points, and revealed the most important secrets of the characters, the galaxy, and Force. But even after seeing the last shot, one can feel that farewell was not the end - Star Wars remains open to both the future and the past, long-lived throughout the galaxy.

Why do Star Wars remain popular? This mania began almost 40 years ago, in 1977, when the first movie Star Wars: A New Hope appeared. One of the answers - in all these times, people discover important and exciting topics in these films: the struggle of good and evil, this time with laser light swords, the inspirational story of the hero as Luke Skywalker, a dreamer of the very side of the galaxy, who became a mature man, and the survival of the entire galaxy.

Amazingly, no matter how many times you watch the Star Wars, you always get away from reality and experience new and new surprises.

The film received 4 Oscars. It is so interesting as I could not even think that there are so many awards, but this is worthy and right because a film that completely involves you, you want to watch and watch.

AI-Themed Blogging: STAR WARS: VI EPISODE - RETURN OF THE JEDI - Photo credit: imagenesmy 

The film, in my opinion, carries an important message to society. Everyone can be a hero, fight for a right deal, accomplish many feats. It seems that this is just an adventure movie, but people always see more deeply, inspired by such films.

STAR WARS: VI EPISODE - RETURN OF THE JEDI, 1983 has finished the classic trilogy. The new three films appeared only after 16 years, which made a great disappointment to all Star wars franchise fans. Star Wars is a rare franchise that has managed to carry its integrity and atmospheric content through the years without ever having stumbled.

The Force will be with you. Always. — Obi-Wan Kenobi

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My rating: 9.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 81/100
Metacritic: 58/100
Critics average: 94/100
IMDb: 8.7/10

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