AI Themed C-Blogging: Benefits Of Different Mobile OS Through Your Smartphones

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AI Themed C-Blogging: Benefits Of Different Mobile OS Through Your Smartphones


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Artificial Intelligence has been in our society and into our daily lives without us noticing that it is part of our routines and mainstream that connects us to the world. Through our smartphones, artificial intelligence is controlling our lives and so we thought we are the ones who manipulate the system. Voice assistance through our smartphones has been widely used nowadays. This made all possible with the continuous effort for innovation and mobile integration for the benefits of each user. Those go with how Artificial Intelligence had shaped the new generation with a different mobile operating system.


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On this c-blog, we will discuss the different benefits of each mobile operating system and how they continue to evolve to give us amazing advantages through Artificial Intelligence.


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The Mobile OS that we will discuss are the following;

  • iOS for Apple/iPhone
  • Android OS
  • Bada OS
  • BlackBerry OS
  • Windows OS
  • Intel

And many more! Hope that you can gain additional knowledge with this c-blog.


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