AI-Themed C-Blogging: Does AI Really Need to Take a Humanoid Form?

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AI comes in a lot of shape, size, and form. But the most common form that comes into when we think about robots are the humanoid or android robots of Sci-Fi movies. You know - the ones that look so much like humans. However, those with more experience will tell us of industrial robots, drones, and even autonomous vehicles.


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If we talk about a more expansive definition of robotics, then you get artificial intelligence in the form of virtual assistants like smart appliances. When we think about AI in this sense, does Alexa need a humanoid form in order to better serve or interact with human users?

They do, said Rohit Prasad, head scientist at Amazon’s Alexa AI group, at the EmTech Digital conference this week. “Language is complicated and ambiguous by definition,” he told the MIT Technology Review. “Reasoning and context have to come in.”


Supporters of humanoid robots have long argued that people heavily rely on visual cues in addition to audio or text to convey rich meaning. Take, for examples, emails or text messages that get taken the wrong way. Even audio-only conferences pose potential risks of the listening taking the speaker out of context because of misunderstandings. However, like with other aspects of robotics, developers must keep in mind the intended use of the machine when deciding on a humanoid form. 


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So, in this c-blog, we'll be talking more about the pros and cons of robots having a humanoid form. And, as always, here's Maggie to assist you. 


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Final Thoughts

When at home, a disembodied voice may be enough to assist you with your needs. however, if the AI machine will act as a sort of kiosk in commercial spaces, such as museums, then a robot with a humanoid form might be better. It does seem kinda weird talking to a box at a museum, right? 


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