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Key Features:

15m Long Distance Airflow Supply
According to the requirement of place,15m long distance airflow supply possible

Wide Angle 160 Degree Air Sending
Round 3-dimensional,160 degree wide angle air sending reach every corner of the room


15M Long Distance Airflow


According to the requirement of office room and large parlor, 15m long distance airflow supply

Rounding Natural Air

Rounding Natural

Apply innovative natural rounding air technology, simulating natural frequency spectrum, adjusting fan speed at random, three dimensions air scanning and natural air delivering, not blowing to human body, more conveinent and comfort

wide voltage

wide voltage


Wide voltage with the fluctuations between 175V-242V has a strong adaptability, whether under urban peak, or insufficient power supply in remote areas, the unit is able to operate normally. Like cactus.
Common ones only resume normal operation under 220V or so, the machine would burn down if voltage is too high, while too low voltage, it can not operate normally


auto restart after power restored

auto restart

The function permits automatic return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power blair conditionerkout

Auto Swing


Auto Swing


The airflow is directed downwards during heating process. For cooling operation auto deflection control provides comfortable cool air up and down to every corner of the room


Wide Angel

Wide Angel

Rounding 3- dimensional, 160 degree wide angle sending, reach every corner of the room


Main Features
Series Single Split
Indooer Type Cabinet Type
Capacity(Ton) 8
Controller Remoter
Refrigerant R22
Special Point 15m long distance airflow supply,High EER save energy,Wide angle 160°C air sending
Cooling(Btu/h) 93100
Cooling(kW) 27.3
Heating(Btu/h) 103300
Heating(kW) 30.3
Rated Power Input(kW) 10.54/11.34
EER/COP(W/W) 4500
Noise Level
Indoor dB(A) 54
Outdoor dB(A) 64
Net Dimensions
Shipping Dimensions
Indoor (mm) 2040/1350/550
Outdoor (mm) 1085/860/1950
Net/Gross Weight
Indoor (kg) 109/122
Outdoor (kg) 230/245
Piping Connection
Gas Side Diameter(mm) 19.05*2
Liquid Side Diameter(mm) 9.52*2
Max Pipe Length(m) 50
Max Drop(m) 30

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