Akward Things in Social Networking Sites

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There many things that I see in the social network nowadays that are awkward, funny and makes us sad. I will share some that probably you’d notice it yourself before.


Seen zoned. Many of us are member of this group. These words are getting popular nowadays. Many of us send messages to our friends, crushes and love ones and waiting for them to reply. You’re happy when you see the “seen” because you thought that they will reply because they’ve read your message. You will realize that you are waiting for nothing, no reply at all. You are now part of this group. This is always happen in my part.


I like my self, I buzz my self. This is the best feature of most social networking sites nowadays. There are some of us who got a score of zero “0” in the test when we are still students. Bonus points are not often that time. With this feature, you can like your own picture, you can like your own video, you can like your own status, and you can buzz your own post. J Because of this you will get a bonus score. haha With this, you will see the message “YOU LIKE THIS!.” You liked it because it is your own, you will never get a score of zero again with this, thanks to them. Haha


100 views on video. Did you already upload your own video in the YouTube? You will probably tell your friends to watch it for it to hit many views. Others have a secret technique to achieve it. It is the super high speed powerful internet connection. Haha Because of your fast internet connection, you can load that video many times and view hit will increase. All you have to do is to create 1,000, 000 Youtube accounts. Try it your own and have a 1,000,000 hits.


Feeling sad, feeling sick but liked. Many of us express our emotions in the Facebook and other social networking sites. We share our happiness and we share what we feel to our friends and followers. It is ok to like a post if that person is happy. What if the situation is different? That person is sad and feeling sick. What is the right thing to do? Are we going to like that post? It’s kind of awkward isn’t? You like that he is sad and feeling sick. This is the disadvantage of removing the unlike button. But when there’s a unlike button, others will bully you when you dislike a good post. The best thing to do is not to like that post when it is not good and just do comment to cheer him/her up.

I have haters and bashers but they don’t understand at all. Many of us post some awkward pictures and videos. You will see some doing the selfie or picturing their food when they are going to eat. For others, this is funny. They don’t see the true meaning of it. I have a friend who took a picture of a certain food and I ask him why. His answer is like this, “I took a picture of it because it is the first time that I am going to eat that food. It makes good memory.” Others took a picture of them when they have a hair cut. We hate it. But have you even realize that it is his/ hair cut after so many years that he/she is not looking so good with a bad hair? Others take pictures with their friends and family. What if they did that because an old friend that just came from other country just came back home? It is their own remembrance of their long acquaintances. Others are just nonsense at all. But some of these posts are really life changer for them. We should not hate them. We should understand first.


There are still many awkward things that happened in the internet today. I will be glad if you share what you notice with them.

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