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Many people own a normal household pet like an obedient dog that doesnt mess up the house or make a fool of himself but in my case i have a crazy naughyt dog called alfie who is always up to something whever its getting into scraps with the cat down the street or stealing the neighbours dinner there is noone he hasnt terrorised, here are a few of the situations he gets into. (buzz and subscribe for new story every day)

The Bladder Buster

On one of the hottest days of the summer alfie and myself where taking a short stroll down the street after many hours of sleep and no going out to have a wee alfie was pretty desperate so like always he was jumping up and down trying to get my attention and i didnt relise this until he ran so fast the lead shot out of my hands, alfie hade ran about half a mile with me draging along untill he took a stop at a local house and wee'd all over the womans plants she ran outside with a broom attacking the dog but with his witts about him he stole the womans shoe and ran down the street. 5 Minutes later he ran past me and all i saw was him being chased by the woman i could figure it out untill after when she explained.



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I'm a small time bloger and youtuber who uses the art of humiliation to make my audience laugh.

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