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Pakistan is an Islamic country. Pakistan is an independent country. Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947.Pakistan is the result of our elder's nonstop efforts. Quaid-e-Azam is the founder of Pakistan. Pakistan is world seventh and first Muslim country that has nuclear power. Pakistan has four provinces. Its capital is in Islamabad. Pakistan army is counted in the world best armies. The K2 world second highest pack is in Pakistan. Pakistan has yet to show his power in the case of any war. Pakistan is a peaceful country. The people of Pakistan are brave. Pakistan has good relation with China. Pakistan good friend in China.

Pakistan China friendship


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Pakistan is proud of Pak-China friendship. Pakistan and China are working on many projects. Pakistan is making JF-17 with the help of China. Pakistan is also making drones with the help of China. This is a good example of Pak-China friendship.

Pakistani Culture


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Pakistani culture is known anywhere in the world. Pakistan has four Provinces these all provinces have their own culture. Culture is the things which present the place, peoples their religion.

Pakistan as Nuclear Power

Pakistan is nuclear power having the country. Pakistan wants to use nuclear power only for the peaceful purposes. Pakistani scientist Dr.Abdul Qudir Khan and their group made Pakistan Nuclear Power. Pakistan first test nuclear attack on 28 may 1998 and on 28 may Pakistan become world seventh and Muslim country first atomic power having the country.

Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan


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Khewara mine is in district Jhelum. Khewara is on the second biggest mine in the world. Inside the mine, the temperature is 18 can.

Major cities of Pakistan


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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Pakistan. First Karachi was the capital of Pakistan now Islamabad is the capital because main buildings of Pakistan like Parliament, etc are in Islamabad. A Saudi king Shah-Faisal made a Mosque in Pakistan which is known by name Faisal-Masjid. Faisal Masjid is near margala hills Islamabad.


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Lahore is an old and historical city. It is situated near Ravi River. Many old buildings are situated in this city. Badshi Mosque one of the biggest Mosque in the world is situated in this city. Allama Iqbal tomb is in Lahore.



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Karachi is the big city of Pakistan. Karachi is a seaport. Our trade with other countries is carried through this port. It is situated on the shore of Pakistan. Karachi was the capital of Pakistan. Its climate is temporary land and sea breeze blow here. Quaid-e-Azam was born in Karachi. His tomb is also in Karachi.

Pakistan Resolution

Pakistan resolution was passed in Lahore by Muslim league demanding a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. It was passed in Lahore in Iqbal Park. This resolution was that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations.

National Heroes of Pakistan


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In Pakistan history, many people lay down their life’s for the separate homeland so their next coming generation has a separate homeland. Many respectable personalities like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal etc work very hard for a separate nation. As the result of their efforts, Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947.

Best Places of Pakistan for the trip

God blessed Pakistan with natural beauty. Pakistan has many places for trips. These all places have something that attracts the tourists. These places are Muree, Islamabad, margla hills, Khewara salt mine, katas-raj, Naran-kaghan etc.

Relation of Pakistan with other neighbor countries

Pakistan has good relation with other neighbor countries. Pakistan is trying to improve its relationship with other countries.

Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India relation is not so good. The main problem between the Pakistan and India in Kashmir. Pakistan wants to solve the Kashmir problem peacefully but India does not want to solve this problem peacefully.

Pakistan and China

Pakistan and China are best friends. China is in the north of Pakistan. China is the good friend of Pakistan. Pakistan and China are making JF-17 Thunder. This is a good example of Pak-China friendship.

Pakistan and Iran

Pakistan and Iran are both Islamic countries. Pakistan and Iran both have good relationships with each other.




Terrorism is a bad issue all over the world. Pakistan is also suffering from it. It was a black day not only in Pakistan history but in the history of the world. It was the day of 16 December when terrorists’ attack Army Public School in Peshawar (Pakistan).

Role of Pakistan Intelligence

The intelligence of any country plays an important key role in a peace of that country. Pakistan intelligence (ISI) and Pakistan armed forces including Pakistan air force, Pakistan army and Pakistan navy all are playing a key role in peace in Pakistan. Pakistan has the best-armed forces, intelligence all over the world. Pakistan only wants peace in the world.

PSL matches






The circuit matches in Pakistan stopped after the terrorists’ attack in Qazafi stadium in Lahore. In 2016 Pakistan started Psl (Pakistan super league) matches to again start the match in Pakistan. In Psl there are 6 teams from all over the world. In these PSL matches, outer countries players also took part. Due to Psl circuit matches, circuit matches also started in Pakistan.

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