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Allah creat us for the best worship not for the best fight with our brother s and sister,s



 when we say life we think it is for our able to life but we must know that life need to help of Allah and for this we must to worship of Allah and the best worship of Allah is pray that be the symbol of islam


Islam not for one person or for one thing that be for all for the word and alway,s acccept the different idea and ready for give the hand,s of the most muslims and until now the abundance people are accept the Islam and worship Allah that be more benefit for us and we must proud to be a muslims an live in a Islamic country in Afghanistan




and by proud say (LONG LIFE AFGANISTAN AND ISLAMIC RELIGION)and say to devil to stop is wispering in to the ear of muslim.s that be fail and devil was failed becous Islam is victory in the world and inshalla will be


شب قدر




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