Allama Iqbal Our National Poet

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Allama Muhammad Iqbal is our National Poet. He was born in Sialkot. After the accomplishment of his primary education in his native city, he came to Lahore for further education. He completed his education there and worked as a professor at Government College, Lahore. He was an inspiring teacher of Persian and Urdu. Then he went to England for higher education. After his return, he tried to awaken the Muslims from their sound slumber of negligence. He endeavored to infuse a new spirit in the dormant soul of the Muslims. His lofty verses, noble poetic instances, melodious songs for children and religious poetry have won him an immortal fame. He wrote heroic verses in praise of the Muslim culture. His poetry is a permanent source of joy, inspiration and didactic-ism. It urges national sentiments in the hearts of readers. In the session at Illahabad in 1930, he said that the Muslims were different from the Hindus. Therefore, they needed a separate country to live according to their culture. He suggested that the areas of Muslim majority should be made a separate Muslim country. It would secure peace for the nations inhabiting in India. His speech, in this session, reveals his concern for his Nation. In this age, the Muslims are being dishonored and slaughtered everywhere. It has become a pressing need that we should get guidance and inspiration from his poetry. If we study his message and follow his advice, we may regain our lost glory and status. The Muslims should consider the heroic achievements of their forefathers and follow the golden traditions set by them. May the Muslims of new Millennium be inspired by the illuminated thoughts of Iqbal's poetry..

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