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Spain is famous for his strange, amazing and dangerous festivals in the world. A Bull fighting and tomato festival has great impact on the history and culture of Spain. These festivals were started almost 70 years ago. More than 40 festivals are celebrated in Spain. The most important among these festivals are bull fighting and tomato festivals.

Bull fighting is a cruel game according to some western countries but it is celebrated in Spain every year. Bull fighting is started in few other countries of Europe. In past only males were involved in bull fighting but now females are also participating in this dangerous game. Female who participates in bull fighting is called “Torera” in Spanish. Now a days “Cristiana snatches” is most famous bull fighter amongst women. She has been a champion for last 20 years. Bull fighters are paid with heavy amount for this dangerous game. Cristiana snatches was very brave and talented bull fighter. Many people criticized her by saying that bull fighting is not a game of women. It is a game of men. She targeted almost 300 bulls in her career and won a lot of prizes. Now thousands of girls participate in this game. This game is getting popularity in many other countries of world.

“TOMATO FESTIVALS” is the second most amazing festival of Spain. It is celebrated in month of august every year in Bunol city. Almost 1.5 million tomatos are used in this festival. As the festival starts trucks loaded with tomato’s are emptied in minutes by throwing tomatoes on one another. For this people are divided into different groups. Due to overcrowding many people are injured in this festival. Women are children are the active participants in this festival. People of Spain enjoy these festivals. Many tourists came here for these festivals. Many other festivals like jumping over babies, turnip festival and horse festival are also amazing festivals in Spain.    

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