American Mining Corporation Releases Self Driving Trucks

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Hearing about this news was seriously a great blow on my mind, so I decided to share it with you guys. I'll be quoting some of the lines from the article in which this news was written. But the main point is to realize in fact get terrified to hear essentially giant robots will be transporting tons of iron ore and with the fact that they can run 24 hour/day 365 days/year, and really sad to hear about all of the jobs that will be lost with their deployment. However Rio Tinto, does make quite the argument that this project in Pilbara was actually in everyone’s best interest.

Standing at about 23 feet high, these self-driving trucks realize all of your childhood transformer dreams. But instead of Optimus Prime leading the fleet, they are controlled by employees in a control center in Perth about 1,200km away. 

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