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Donald trump is that American president who is still criticized and not accepted by the American nation after his presidential election. This is the first president in American history on the selection of which the people of American nation is still suffering from sorrow and anger. The opponents of America are happy on his selection but American friend countries are also suffering the same sorrow.

 Donald trump was a controversial personality before the holding the presidential position. He was interested in bloody sports of wrestling and in the past he won many fights in this game cunningly. By the way he was chosen in election and Hillary Clinton was defeated which hurt the American people and peace beings of the world. However he accepted his defeat and moved on by keeping his duties on. On the other hand, the American people are protesting every step of Donald. Even the situation has come that they are declaiming him mentally ill to remove him from the presidential seat.


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A few days back, American president has expressed a lot of criticism on Pakistan by referring Afghanistan. Ignoring the positive role for Pakistan’s global peace, even though he said that he gives a huge amount of money to Pakistan for help and in addition he said that global terrorism organizations are present on Pakistan’s land and they do their activities from there. Pakistan government while fulfilling their orders must go on changing their policy of “do more” into “do, do, do, do, more” for Pakistan. In this way he will continue to assist the government in the form of various funds. Besides this he ignored all the sacrifices of Pakistan against terrorism and criticized Pakistan in clear words. India is satisfied and happy with the thoughts of American president.


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India, whose role is hypocritical from the beginning, Occupied Kashmir, is suffering from the cruel of India for many years. All the other religions in India are also suffering the same situation. America and NGOs of human rights have never tried to stop the Indian government even they never protested against this. Shelling and firing on Pakistan border from their side has become their daily routine due to which a large number of citizens have been injured and dead.


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After this step of American president, Pakistan remained silent in the beginning. However, the answer of Pakistan commander has clearly told the American president and his entire supporter that Pakistan’s situation is no longer like the same, the time is changed and now Pakistan needs no help. War against terrorism is continued. Imran khan of Pakistan tehrik-e-insaf (Political party) also called a press conference on the American statement and answered the statement in his own way. The rest of the government also took the same step. The government canceled his interior minister's visit to the United States and members of assembly and senate also expressed strong displeasure on these step of America.


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Pakistani nation is the most emotional nation in the world, whenever there is any accident, flood, earthquake or any other disaster in any region of the world, whole nation exposes the feelings of his help out of his heart and strives for help in such moment. Similarly the people have same emotions for the country, whether the flood or heavy rain comes, and the damages of earthquake or in any other situation of the same type; Pakistani nation is always ready for the help.


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This footage show that how pakistanis helped in japan when tsunami destroyed the japan.

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On these steps of Donald Trump, a survey has been done to know the opinion of the public in which opinion of the 100% public was same, all were saying that America consider us inferior while the eyes of the world are at our country. China-based C-PEC project does not want America and its other allies because they don’t want Pakistan to be strong economically and to emerge a better image on international level. The people appreciated China's role, saying that China is the only country that is the true friend of Pakistan. The Russian government has also been supporting Pakistan with the C-PEC project and the Russian criticism after the US President's initiative is a clear proof. It was the main point of many religious parties that America itself is a terrorist country, not only our government and public is aware of this while it is in front of other governments and people of the world. Only for his own interest, he makes itself an atmosphere of war and the after starting the war; put his other supporting countries into this war. On the steps of US government, the government of Pakistan should take a clear and positive stand. Pakistan has given many sacrifices in the war of terrorism which is in the sense of all the countries of world. However, if the President of the US Government now adopts the nature of this type, then it will not affect Pakistan's situation, the loss will be of the United States.


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The nation of Quaid-e-azam (founder of Pakistan) condemned the statement of American president in severe words and army commander of the whole nation has also replied in the same way and whole nation of the country have same emotions for such statement. Political leaders say that 70,000 people of Pakistan have been sacrificed in the global war against terrorism. The number of injured including other financial losses are separate. All these are obvious sacrifices that seems to every member of United Nations and they keep the role of Pakistan in a very positive way. However, the role of the American President is condemned. They also believed that their own people are not satisfied with the . The US president made this step just for the sake of making India happy. India whose border is far away from Afghanistan, how could he play a positive role in the development of Afghanistan? India is making conspiracies with America against Pakistan and it is one of these conspiracies.


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Pakistani nation is a fearless nation and they are ready to face every kind of situation. So all the political parties of Pakistan must forget their personal issues and unite together to face such situation.   The time will come soon when the American President Donald Trump will say that the role played by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism is also worthy of appreciation.


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