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Ukraine what is hapening there and why ?Some of us know about events in Ukraine but any dont know and only know that somthing is happened in Ukraine,it depends where we  live and what says media in our country for exaple in USA madia basicaly for Ukraine happened accuse Russia and in Russia all is vise versa .But i think there is some truth ,becouse Ukraine is not only country where happened events like this we can remember Egipet,Tunis and Libya.USA help all this countrys to have much more <<democratic>> repablics.Libya is country in north of Africa  This country has oil and gas .Export gas and oil 64 bil $ to Spain,Germany...    Import 24 bil (2008) .GDP general 90 bil $  and per capita 14,533 $. And when finally in 2011 democracy came to  Libya ...


Country is located in east of Europe ,neighbors from west are Poland,Slovakia,Romania,Moldova and from east is Russia .Ukraine in past was one of Sovet Union republics .In east of country is populated russians and afther revolution country divided west was for revolution and east vise versa.And as seen finally democracy came to Ukraine too and all is same as in Libya,Egipet,Tunis war,savagery,death ,funerals under shellings,thousends ruined fortunes,young lifes that interrupted ,simple mans that can t find the truth ,political plays ,between Putin and Obama ,refugees maybe never will come back to places where they were live all life ,little girls and boys in all they life will remember this ,helpless faces of their parents .....    

 America America ......          

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