An Afghan Perspective - 60 Minutes on CBS - Americans in Algeria: Surviving a terrorist attack February 10, 2013

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Thinking about terrorist attacks in any part of the world is painful and heartbreaking. Beside the physical destruction and anarchy in the society, the deaths and injuries, no matter if they are among the military or civilians, are tragedies.

The 60 Minutes video this week talks about three Americans who survived the al Qaeda attack on an Algerian gas facility that killed 37 foreign workers.

Thinking about the situation when you are in a terrorist attack and you do not know what will happen to you later is unimaginable. If I look at my country, Afghanistan, with a background of almost three decades of war, still terrorist groups are still managing their activities and once a while, we hear in the news about a terrorist attack in some parts of Afghanistan.

Educating people will help the government increase public awareness. The only weapon against terrorists is to educate people, especially starting with kids who can be easily affected by others and abused for any terrorism purpose. It happens mostly in rural and remote areas where you can not find any sign of technology and communications. They will target those kids in a very early ages and inject their beliefs into their minds. Therefore, before they start reading and touching a book, they will learn how to keep a weapon in their hands.

But on the other hand, it is not only about education but also on how to educate them. We can not stick to the old educational system which covers the out of date contents. I believe that it is not only the way we educate kids but also how we entertain them by means of education.

We should let students be more dynamic and creative. Combining education with recent technologies at school will allow students to experience what they are going to learn and implement it.

Building Internet classrooms, providing a social and digital media curriculum and implementing the Online Educational Software "Examer" are the ways Film Annex, by launching the Afghan Development Project, is going to help kids at school in Afghanistan. Targeting 40 schools with 160,000 students is a considerable goal which is going to be extended in future, not only in Afghanistan but in Central and South Asia.

When we educate kids in Afghanistan we have a powerful army that is well armed with the education weapon whom their policies is not war but Internet and Social media.

I am hopeful to see a day when each Afghan kid access the right education and be a soldier to keep peace in Afghanistan and enjoy each single moments there.

واژه تروریست در هر جای دنیا که باشد برای هیچکس خوشایند نخواهد بود، چرا که علاوه بر خسارات مالی به بار آمده انسانهای زیادی کشته، زخمی و یا هم به گروگان گرفته میشوند. افغانستان پس از سپری نمودن سالیان جنگ از این قاعده مستثنی نمیباشد. چه بسا روزهایی که سر خط اخبار، حملات تروریستی است که در گوشه و کنار افغانستان به وقوع میپیوندد. عوامل زیادی در به وقوع پیوستن این حوادث دخیل هستند. به نظر من شاید یکی از عوامل برجسته در این موضوع پایین بودن سطح سواد یک جامعه مخصوصا قشر جوان آن باشد.
چه بسا در نواحی دور افتاده ای که کودکان به جای سپری نمودن اوقات خود در مدارس به علت فقر اقتصادی و همچنان نبود سیستم آموزشی مناسب تحت تاثیر گروه های تروریستی قرار گرفته و به جای اینکه صفحات کتاب را ورق بزنند یاد میگیریند که چطور ابزارهای جنگی را به دست گیرند و این خود میتواند پیامدهای بسیار ناگواری را در آینده نه تنها برای این کودکان که برای مردم اطراف آنها نیز داشته باشد.
به همین خاطر است که فیلم انکس با پروژه انکشافی افغان به ایجاد کلاسهای اینترنتی در افغانستان پرداخته است. هدف این پروژه ۴۰ مدرسه با ۱۶۰،۰۰۰ شاگرد است که به اینترنت دسترسی پیدا کنند و در آینده نزدیک این پروژه را به آسیای جنوبی و مرکزی نیز انکشاف دهد

Fereshteh Forough

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