An Amazing Research, Plants can talk and feel Pain.

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Plants can “talk to each other and can feel pain”, one of the amazing researches by the scientists. When I came to know that plants can talk and even feel pain, I am shocked and too much surprised from this curious and comical research. When I shared this interesting and alluring information with my friends, they laughed at me and said how plants can talk? And they started mocking and making fun of me, but when I showed research papers of scientists to them, they became surprised from this astounding research.

According to researchers in Bonn, Germany, they found that when plants are attacked by some baleful things, it gives of specific type of gas. When something cause damage a healthy plant give a murmuring sound and this sound has been heard by a Super-sensitive microphones said by Researchers. When a small insect bite a plant, it screech and cry. If the plant is heavily subjected to stress then the sound and signals, on air by the plant become louder, said Dr Frank K, Hnemann.

We can’t say that the plants cry or scream when in pain, but different kind of sounds are heard when ethylene gas, emits from the plants when in trouble. The researchers believe that plants excrete ethylene gas when attacked by hunter, this is the sign that plants can talk. They also transfers the red signals to the other plants when attacked by the hazardous things. Furthermore, scientist tried to separate plants by some opaque thing, as a result, they were not able to transfer a signal by chemicals byproducts with each other.

The information transmitted form one plant to other is because of the network of mycorrhizae fungi. The fungi have underground network that connects one plant to other and release certain type of chemicals in order to transfer the signals to the neighboring plants and to defend that innocent plants from predators. As fungi is the type of plant, so it means that plant can defend itself as well as other plants.

According to a great researcher Gagliano, the chili plants grow much faster and healthier when near basil compare to other plant those who grow in separately. So the Basil is the best neighbor of chili plants which help in growth, so the chili plant sprouted faster and inhibit and counteract the growth of weeds and pests.

If plants talk to each other, then questions arise in mind that what is the language of plants and do they speak or communicate in a universal plant language?? . The acknowledgment of plant’s language is still unanswered.

One of the researcher Renton; said, whatever the language or signal is, it is not confirm that plant gives sound for the purpose of signal or sharing information and it is still also not confirm that the signal is the byproduct that other plants listen on. Some amazing questions are that which type of plants can talk and listen to each other? And can the predators and hunters for example insects and animals hack or snitch the conversations of plants and use them for their own means.

The answer for all these types of question is “we don’t know” said by Gagliano.

The only answer is that the hearing signal is the best and easiest way for the plant’s communication and conversation. These acoustic signals in the form of molecules and receptors also help the plants to recognize their own neighbors and expecting their deeds and actions at the occasion.

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