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Actually I have almost thirty videos on my WebTV Channel on Filmannex, but that doesn´t mean that I have thirty short films, now I will explain something about the videos on my channel and how they can be classified or revised according  to your interest.

In my WebTV, you can find tree types of videos, on one hand there are my Shortfilms with a different duration and different styles, theres almost six or seven works of this type. This works are movies or fiction, documentaries, animation or experimental movie, also "making of" or interviews about the movies. There´s a mixture here in the different technics, because I believe that "cinema" is just one big concept and the different technics or genres are just the way to communicate. (Also you can put in this category some music videos)

In other side you can find some social responsibility movies about demonstrations in Chile, they are presented in a music video style or sometimes more as a documental movie, they respond to my point of view about politics here in Chile.

And the last kind of video of my channel are half made by me and half made for other people, that´s because this videos are made by children in the different animation workshops that i´ve done across Chile, I really enjoy to teach about animation technics and to give some tools to people to communicate.  There are almost fifteen children videos. (more information about this point here)

I would really like if you want to see my work, or read my post, thanks for your time and for your support!!!









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