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It has been a valid reality that no one in the world had done extraordinary work independently.All those who have done memorable research have done it as a sequence of the previous knowledge.Giving something to humanity after getting something from it.

Einstein`s famous theories of the realitivity were based on the research of the Maxwell.Heisenberg was informed by the Wolfgang Pauli about the uncertainity in measurement of the positionand momentum of the electron.Heisenberg later on gave calculation fo rht euncertainity in a 14 page reply letter to the Pauli.
A person thinking on the problem may find many difficulties.But the same problem is put in front of number of the people and they have sufficient and efficient facilities to communicate the problem becomes the great easier.Also by their discussions they may occur some problems and of course same new solutions recommended by a lot of the people.
So a good work is always a team work.
Today the students of the city or of the same institute do not have the platform t share their knowledge.As a result we cannot think about an extraordinary research work by a student in the city.As they also along with the others excellent communication tools and lot of easily accessible knowledge.The government collegess internet society has been created on this basic idea.To give students a neat ground to show up their talent.To share what they have and to get ith they don` are described some main features of this society.
Email service is thought to be the basic necessity of the internet society now-w-days.There shouls an email service providing an email adress with the name os the society coined in it.A free email servies has created for the college users from
Chating has been so the most used internet tool.Everyone likes to communicate wth someone of his interest.For the college users a chat roomis avaliablelinked through the main page.
These societies are the basic tool for the “society”reflecting and fullfilling the basic ideas of the society.The “sub-societies” are the “Yahoo group” so one must have yahoo I.D to jooin it.These groups are linked through the main page.In theese groups one can communicate with all the members.Everyone`s message is put under eyes of the every other.Here one can really share and get knowledge through various tools.One can also find and share the useful links.
Internet today has published literature,graphic and even movies on really every subject of the study.So some very helpful sites for every subject has been linked through linked pages.One can get a lot of the knowledge and the latest informatioj about his subject of the study.
You also have the virtual laboratories oon the internet.You can perform experiments just as you do in your college laboratory.Ofcourse these labs have no hazards but you might be informed about what you have done wrong.

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