An Open Letter to My Co-Bit Users (Applicant Passers Edition - Part 2)

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And this is the second part of my blog 'An Open Letter to My Co-Bit Users'. You may also read the first part. To MjaneDA, Ciaramae, Andath-1657, and Famea-1234, this is for you. This is my open letter to the people invited to join here. You'll be the last four recipients of this letter because you were the last four applicants who passed the screening. How are you by the way? I hope you're doing fine.

I'll also give compliments and tell you my first impression on you. I might also give suggestions on how you can continue blogging here. I would also like to encourage you to write again because you might not know the kind of opportunity you're missing here and give you hope. Maybe you're just busy, don't have the time, and has many other important concerns. Additionally if you come to think of it, you've joined around six months ago so that's really quite long ago and you could have already earned probably a total of $200 to $300 (P10000 - P15000) and you might have used that money on many things like buying your own groceries, paying your bills, or just buying your favorite snacks so yes, it's really quite a waste but as we say, "We can always start anew", I guess it's never too late. We just need to continue what we've started. also I've written personalized letters for you. They're just under this letter. You may also want to check these letters. So ladies and gentlemen, here are the letters:

For MjaneDA,

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Hi MjaneDA. This is me again, Jvanity1, if you're still able to remember. How long has it been? Six months, right? Ah, I remember that time when we were still chatting. I back read our conversation just for the sake of this blog. Hehehe. So speaking of you having the potential, I think you can really rank up to the top if you choose to because I could feel your eagerness when we were still chatting and I could tell you were the most ecstatic user I've invited to join. However, it feels sad that such kind of excitement must have been gone already since it has already been six months? Do you still have that level of excitement you had back then? If it was gone, I could tell that Bitlanders must have lost a very good writer. I could also feel that when you talked to me before, you would answer in the most comprehensive answer and I think that is a very good quality as a blogger. I understand though that it might be difficult to claim your rewards because you don't have access to any banks in your place because they are too far away so maybe that's why you got discouraged. I really hope someday though that you can continue what you've started before because Hillary and the team are waiting for your blogs. Maybe they can read them at the right place at the right time? :)

Maybe you can blog about 'The Top 5 Places to Visit in Bohol'? :)


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For Ciaramae,

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First of all, I have to commend you with your name because it sounds nice. -.-. (Why do you guys have nice names?) As for blogging, I think you could be a good blogger and write about various topics. The piece you sent to me was dopely legit and I got quite touched by it. You're right, parents are precious and we should treasure them all the way. I also think that you have a nice personality and possibly an introvert? I know I promised you that we might have a gathering with all the folks but that didn't happen. I'm sorry I wasn't able to fulfill this promise. It's because there were other things that I had to attend to. I hope that we can still have this gathering in the future. I think it will be nice if it takes place. I also remember you chose 'Online Dating/Tinder' as one of the topics that you want to discuss. Maybe you should write about that as your first topic here should you choose to continue because I think that's really an interesting topic. :)

Maybe you can write about 'The Top 5 Legit Dating Apps/Sites'? :)

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 *Here is my intermission number for this blog:

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For Andath-1657,

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Hi. Hello. This is me again, Jvanity1. I hope you still remember me though. We've already been friends on Facebook so I feel like I have a little idea already of who you are, or maybe not? First of all, I think you're an introvert who have a few selected friends but those friends value you a lot. You like travelling alone? I can also see that you've started blogging here but it seems that you stopped for a while? I hope you can restart writing again. You're already on the road to earning so if you continue this, you might be the first applicant passer to earn here. I hope we can cash out at the same time. Won't it be a great feeling if that happens? :) I would also see some of your posts on my timeline and the post that I recently saw was when people were trying to drag you down. I don't know you that much but if you believe you are at the right track, then you should give your haters a reason not to mess with you. Or if you feel like you have no more other choice, you may quit from your current company and just go to another company. By that way, you can cut off unnecessary relationships. Anybody innocent must not be maltreated like that and I don't understand why some people have twisted minds. As you know, bad people will not run out from this world so if you are not physically strong, then you should at least be mentally/emotionally strong. Cheer up and don't allow them to ruin you.

Maybe you can blog about 'How to Stand Up against Bullies'? :)

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For Famea-1234,

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I think you're an introvert but can be happy-go-lucky if you want to. I also think you have a nice personality and can go bubbly if you want to. I think you can make a nice friend and you are probably gorgeous? What else can I say about you? Just I think you can be a good friend and if you are indeed a nice person, then you must probably continue being like that so that the right people will be attracted to your social circle. :)

Maybe you can blog about 'Top 5 Things Filipino Families Do at Christmas'? :)

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*Come into a new paradise! :)

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*My video greeting to everyone:

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So I think that's it. To Ashie95, Jairah98, and Ranizle in Part 1 and to MjaneDA, Ciarame, Andath-1657, and Famea-1234 in Part 2, I hope that you liked this letter dedicated to you. And besides, it's Christmas time so it won't hurt to give others compliments, somehow. :) To the rest of my Bitlanders family, I hope you liked reading this blog. Please anticipate for the people I've mentioned in this blog as they will be rocking Bitlanders world someday. Please anticipate for their blogs also and support their journey here. Thank you and have a nice day. :)

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