An Open Letter to My Co-Bit Users (Applicant Passers Edition)

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Hi guys! I'm here again to write another open letter to my friends whom I've given a chance to experience the beauty of Bitlanders. I noticed that they haven't been too active these days so I'm doing this to give them hope and encourage them to start blogging. :) And if they already did but stopped, then to continue what they started. I think this is also a good way to connect with them because the more is the merrier, right? So I needed to check their Bitlanders profiles first and match them with their Facebook profiles because I'm not sure who is who. I might have hard time doing it because they've joined around 5 months ago. Fighting!

Also in this blog, I'll give them compliments and maybe tell my first impression about them. Another thing, please root for them as they might rank up to Bitlanders chart and who knows, they might surpass me in my current rank. LOL. Yes, I'm not kidding! That could happen because nothing is impossible in this world. So let's start?

Here is my open letter for my invited friends. Let's start first with my letter for everyone:

Hello. Do you still remember me? The one who introduced you to Bitlanders? Congratulations again for making it to Bitlanders. :) Actually, all people who inquired to me have the chance to access Bitlanders because basically it is a public site but I shared the opportunity only to you because I know that you have the potential and it will be a waste of time if I just give my referral link to everyone because as you know, not all of them are not fit for Bitlanders since not everyone likes to write so you should consider yourselves lucky since the others didn't have the chance to even view Bitlanders. They never even knew what the name was. LOL. :)

I also became busy with my own blogs that's why I haven't noticed your presence at all. It would be great if you're able to start writing blogs so that you'll become an official blogger and don't you like it? The world will see your work and you'll make lots of friends from other countries. You haven't experienced the joy of blogging and earning at the same time yet and writing even just about the little events of your lives and earning from it. Because of this, it feels a bit sad that you must have missed a good opportunity for quite several months. However, I can't also blame you as you might just be busy, or maybe you're not just ready to blog yet or possibly, you just don't trust the site yet. I understand that since I was also like that. The idea of earning online sounds too good to be true and as for this, it can definitely make you skeptical but I don't mind. Could you come back here someday? Hehehe. That's it. By the way, I prepared an individualized letter to each and every one of you. Are you excited to read them? :)


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For Ashie95,

The first to join in my roster of bloggers. Hello Ashie95! Do you still remember me? I hope you still do. I remember you tried to make your first major blog but an error happened that's why you found it difficult to reblog. I also remember that you felt you lost hope after that. Hmmmmmm..... Maybe cheer up? :)

*Restart blogging! Restart blogging! Restart blogging!


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I hope you're just doing fine these days and I would like to encourage you to restart blogging. It really feels good! And, I wonder why you chose 95 as the number in your username? Is it because your birth year is 1995? Hehehe. Anyway, basing on your profile picture on messenger, I think you are a girly person and you like everything that is feminine. I also think that you're kind and outgoing who loves and cares for her loved ones. I think you have a good personality and are a pleasing person. You should convert that pleasing personality into something pleasingly readable in your blogs and I'm sure, your readers will love you for what you're writing and they would anticipate more from you. :)

I think the song of your life is: 'Can't Hold Us Down', telling women that they should defy double standards in Society.

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For Jairah98,

Nice name! And, I think you're born in 1998? Hehehe. I also think your name on Facebook is good. I think you have a nice personality and had we met each other in person, I think you're really fun to talk to and I could talk to you light-heartedly. I think you're a cheerful and a carefree person and you're not difficult to make friends with. Everyone should not let go of you as their friend. I also think you're an introvert and like cute things. If all of these things are true, then please keep it up so that the people around you will cherish you even more.

Blogging-wise, I hope that you'll consider writing again. Don't worry if it's your first time to blog! Everyone has his. :) You just need to explore the things around you and blog about them so that you can blog moving forward. And also, I'm sorry to hear about your teacher's passing away. I reread the poem you sent me and I was touched by the poem. I think you loved your teacher very much but we should accept the fact that everyone comes and goes and we should just treasure everyone around us who are valuable to us. I know that your teacher is in a good place right now and he or she wants you to be happy. I also hope you are doing fine these days and I hope to see you again. :)


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I think the song of your life is: 'The Voice Within', telling you to trust your own instincts when you're all alone by yourself.

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Here is my intermission number, Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx:

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Let's continue with our last individualized letter as for this blog:

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For Ranizle,

Out of all the people who passed, you were the most skeptical about this site. Hehehe. But I understand it though because this and the world of online earning is new to you and yes, we can earn through this site if we work hard, although the pay is low but still good because you can't just find $100 per month on the street. I think Bitlanders is not that bad at all. I also appreciate the fact that even if you were very skeptical when we were chatting, you still managed to be attentive to what I had to say.


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How are you now by the way? :) I think you're an introvert but you like traveling and exploring new things and the unknown. You like adventure and want to face life with excitement. Even though I think you're a silent person, you always crave for life challenges. I think you have an exotic personality, maybe something that is rare to find and that is good! I think your personality is rare to find so you should treasure this kind of uniqueness and transform it into your writings.

I think the song of your life is: 'Live While We're Young', telling young people to live their lives to the fullest while they are young.

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Here is my video greeting to Ashie95, Jairah98, & Ranizle:

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I'll just continue the rest of my individualized letters in the second part of this blog. If you find this blog interesting to read, then please anticipate for my next blog. I shall see you in my next blog and have a great day!

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