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ِAndroid is the most popular operating system for smart phone around the globe which connects all its users to all services provided by GOOGLE Inc. Android system is the reason for the huge success to GOOGLE's search engine... But do you know that Android system has not been created inside GOOGLE Inc.? 
In fact, until year 2005 the system wasn't owned yet by GOOGLE Inc., It has been designed and developed in year 2003 and it was designed as an operating system for Cameras not phones and GOOGLE Inc. bought the system in year 2005. 

Andy Rubin is the engineer that headed Android development project, and the system name "Android" was inspired by his developer "Andy Rubin".

Andy Rubin and some of his friends realized quickly that Cameras market wasn't suitable for the effort that had been spent on developing and creating Android; so the changed the main purpose of Android to be an operating system for smart phone instead of being an operating system for cameras.

The first phone to use Android has been already lunched through a company called "T-Mobile" and it was called "T-Mobile Sidekick" and the device included a keyboard.

The new operating system has proved its success and it was a good operating system for phones and after 18 months from lunching the first phone operating use Android, "Andy Rubin" went to talk with SAMSUNG Inc. to make them adopt the new project "Android" and include it in it's phone, but ironically SAMSUNG Inc. made fun of him and refused to adopt the new project "Android" back then. 

In year 2005, GOOGLE Inc. made a close look at Android project, and made investments in it and as a result the project started to grow and become the most popular operating system for smart phones around the globe 

GOOGLE Inc. didn't create or develop Android project at the beginning but investing in that new project should be counted for GOOGLE Inc. when SAMSUNG Inc. refused to adopt the new project "Android". After GOOGLE Inc. bought the system it developed it and invested more work and time in the system until it became the most popular operating system for smart phones around the globe.

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