Angel Beats: Emotional Anime NO SPOILERS!

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Angel Beats is the most emotional anime I have watched and I am sure there are more but this one just KILLED me emotionally! I HAVE NEVER CRIED WATCHING AN ANIME! But then Angel Beats happened and I just lost it! The story with this anime is a young man dies and goes to the after life. He awakes in a school filled with others who have died and they are fighting against a girl who they are convinced is trying to force them to rebirth as some sea flea or worse! You follow them all through their adventures until a few events leads to an ending that is guaranteed to make you cry! Also if you are wondering WHY this anime is called the way it is that gets answered at the end...and IT KILLS ME! I have watched it again and again and it just keeps making me tear up even though I know exactly how it ends! ;-;

What is one of the most emotional anime you have watched? :o

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