Animals Tattoos

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People who are making and elaborating design on the body part. Some of them make tattoos for symbol and representation self development and any kind of improvement of their caste. Some folkswho make their identification through any animals tattoos which gives symbolic phenomena of their lives and guide for better idea and enhance our as well.

The process of tattooing is permanent and everlasting that they believe to enhance to develop their custom, values etc. They are making different type of animals shape, shade and design in their body part. Some of them make to develop their self representation and others go as for just fashion.

More ever, people do like to make design by their interest and any kind of an enthusiasm in their way of wants or simultaneously for joining buddies.

Its kind a harmful for men, I just heard about it one of my friend, one a person in Columbia, he made a loin tattoos on his chest and it was permanent for long time.  When he visited forest side the lion jump over him and attacked him very badly. Even, that person loves the lions and was visiting them before. At last he noticed that all because of his showing and representing love through tattoos.


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