Animation workshop at "La Unión"!!

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Here we are again!!

Now I´m located on "La Unión", a little city on southern Chile, here I´m working at "La Union cinema Week". Like other times and also like the last year here, I´m making an animaiton workshop, focused on stop motion.

In this occasion we are working with puppets, the kids are divided in three teams and their are making three different characters. They made everything from the begging, I just teach them the basic concepts of animation and all the rest is just imagination.

They started with drawings, and then they made wire armatures for each puppet and then, they covered them with different materials.

Now I´m making the edition of the video and tomorrow at night it´s going to be screened at the cinema in the closing ceremony.

For monday I´m going to share it with you!!

Thanks for reading!!


Last year animation video here

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