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☼ Digimon Adventure Tri Overview ☼

Who is not familiar with Digimon? For those of you who were born in the 90s or less definitely know this name. Digital Monster or commonly called Digimon is a monster that lives and grows in the Digital World. With the aid of the Digivice and their human partner called DigiDestined (Chosen Children), Digimon can evolve to the next level and have more power than before. There is good news for Digimon series fans. Production house of this anime (term for cartoons in Japanese) Toei Animation, has released their latest Digimon series titled Digimon Adventure Tri at the end of last year (2015). Let's see what interesting things are there in the Digimon Adventure Tri below. Happy reading.

"Digimon Adventure Tri Teaser Video"

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☼ About Digimon Adventure Tri ☼

 It has been over 15 years since the two series Digimon Adventure aired. Digimon Adventure Tri will be a sequel to the two previous series, Digimon Adventure (1999), Digimon Adventure 02 (2000), by taking the story after the six years since Taichi Yagami and his friends traveled around the digital world and three years after Daisuke Motomiya and friends beat Belialvamdemon in battle. Unknowingly, digital world gate re-opened and Digimon started to appear in the real world.

"Digital Monster (Digimon)"

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With genre of action and adventure, this anime was created as a celebration of the 15th Digimon Adventure series. Toei Animation announced that Digimon Adventure Tri will not be made as a TV series such as Digimon series before, but will be made as 6 part movies. The first movie, entitled Saikai (再 会 Reunion) was released on 21 November 2015 and the second with the title Ketsui (決意 Determination) was released on March 12, 2016. The third movie with the title Kokuhaku (告白 Confession) will be released on the 24th September 2016. The first both movie that has been released quite successful in the market, although there are some issues regarding design characters and posters at the beginning of the announcement.

☼ Digimon Adventure Tri Characters ☼

Characters in Digimon Adventure Tri will take on all the characters who play in Digimon Adventure added with some new characters like Meiko Mochizuki which acts as a new student and later revealed that she was DigiDestined (Chosen Children), Maki Himekawa as someone who supervise the movement of Digimon and digital world in the real world, etc. Here is the short details some of the characters with their Digimon:

"DigiDestined and Their Digimon"

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  1. Taichi Yagami
    He is the holder "Crest of Courage" with Agumon as his Digimon partner. With his bold nature, he became the leader when adventured in the digital world in the first series Digimon Adventure.
  2. Yamato Ishida
    He is the holder "Crest of Friendship" with Gabumon as his Digimon partner. Although he is easily provoked by emotions, but he had a strong spirit of friendship and responsibility.
  3. Sora Takenouchi
    She is the holder "Crest of Love" with Piyomon as her partner Digimon. At first, she was a troubled child in her family then she changed after the adventured in the digital world into a loving and warmth child.
  4. Koushiro Izumi
    He is the holder "Crest of Knowledge" with Tentomon as his Digimon partner.With his big curiosity, he was much help in solving the cases in digital world and still keep researching about the digital world even further.
  5. Mimi Tachikawa
    She is the holder "Crest of Sincerity" with Palmon as her Digimon partner.Although she was blunt and outspoken, but she always sincere to people around her.
  6. Joe Kido
    He is the holder "Crest of Reliability" with Gomamon as his Digimon partner. He is the oldest among the eighth of DigiDestined child.Though sometimes he was pessimistic and fearful, but he can be relied upon.
  7. Takeru Takaishi
    He is the holder "Crest of Hope" with Patamon as his Digimon partner. He is the younger brother of Yamato Ishida. He is gentle, sweet-natured, and generous.
  8. Hikari Yagami
    She is the holder "Crest of Light" with Tailmon as her partner Digimon. She is the sister of Taichi Yagami. Though she was a little subdued, but she was always concerned with others than herself.

"DigiDestined and Their Digimon"

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If you have seen the Digimon Adventure, surely you were already familiar with the eighth DigiDestined (chosen children) who once was the elementary school, now they have started to grow into adolescence. Takeru and Hikari started entering junior high school, while others become new students in middle high school, except for Joe who had been busy exam to enter college.

☼ Design Characters and Artwork ☼

"Tsuritama and Digimon Adventure Tri Poster, do you think they have similarity?"

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There are a few issues when the first poster released and showed visual of the characters. Many fans were disappointed with the design of each character created by the designer Atsuya Uki. They judge that Atsuya Uki was not creative and just copy-paste of the character designs from anime Tsuritama where he was also the designer of the anime. As you can see above, both poster almost have the same design.

"DigiDestined Transformation, from year 1999 to 2015, who is your favorite?"

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As for me, regarding the design of the characters in this Digimon Adventure Tri, not so impressive for me, not bad but also not too good, just OK. Only a few characters that I think is good in design changes, like Mimi who look prettier and mature, or Yamato, Takeru, and Koshiro is becoming more handsome. But, for the Digimon character design, I think it's good, not a lot of changes and more modern look with attractive colors.

"Battle Between Omnimon vs Alphamon"

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As for the artwork in this anime, such as the background, the depiction of nature, or objects around, only mediocre nothing special. It looks like the production is not too concerned about the visual of the background, the visual just plain and lifeless. But I like the artwork when the battle scene occurs or scene when Digimon evolve, it looks more impressive when compared to the previous Digimon series.

☼ Nostalgia with Digimon ☼

"Digimon Adventure Tri Original Soundtrack - Butterfly By Kōji Wada"

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Did you listen to the song above? When I listen to song above, it brought a lot of old memories. I remember when I was little, always watching Digimon Adventure every Sunday morning on TV with my brother. At that time, Digimon Adventure became very popular among children. I used to buy a picture card with Digimon in it on shop in the roadside, then played the cards with my friends. That is very fun. Not long after, there arose a toy called Tamagotchi, I'm sure you've heard about this game. Tamagotchi is mostly shaped in Digivice, Digitama, or shaped in Digimon. I remember, when my friend had a Tamagotchi, I became very jealous and wanted to have it as well, and ended up buying one green Tamagotchi. Ahh ... I miss those days.

"Digivice Tamagotchi"

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Kōji Wada who first sang "Butterfly" in Digimon Adventure in 1999, this time also contributed his voice to fill Digimon Adventure Tri Original Soundtrack. Although he was suffering from throat cancer now. Not only him, Ayumi Miyazaki also back to contributed her voice in a song titled "Brave Heart". Ai Maeda also contributed her voice to sing the ending song Digimon Adventure Tri titled "I Wish". All of the songs has been re-arranged to give a new impression for Digimon Adventure Tri Original Soundtrack

Sad news :(, Koji Wada passed away on 03 April 2016 due to his illness: (thanks ako-eto for this update)

Kouji Wada, who sang the ultimately adored theme song ‘Butter-Fly’ in Digimon, passed away due to nasopharyngeal carcinoma, according to Wada’s agency Solid Vox. He was 43. Solid Vox said his family will hold a private service while the agency will organize a ‘Wada Kouji Owakare no Kai’ (Kouji Wada Farewell Event) event for his bereaved fans in Tokyo.-

With above premises, Digimon Adventure Tri become a must-watch anime for your list.

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