Anime Fan? Check Out Hulu Plus For Attack On Titan and Kill la Kill

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Normally I don't have the time to watch anime because if I like it I tend to binge watch every episode and never sleep again. This has happened over and over until I realized omitting it completely was probably the best course of action.

Well, I've had HULU PLUS for a while now and love it. I'd even say that's even better than Netflix. Well just recently through a recommendations engine and a recommendation from my pal that there is a load of anime on HULU PLUS. The thing is their menus aren't necessarily the easiest to navigate. You'll have to either dig for it or know the title by name.

So I just started browsing around and through a friend searched the name Kill la Kill. And damn, it is good. So good in fact that I binge watched the season throughout the night.

You've been warned. I know some people don't like this stuff and never try it out. I was like that way since I assumed it was all flying ninjas, naked cartoon chicks, and robot warriors (which actually doesn't sound too terrible). It all depends on the show. My type are the existential/future bits (Attack On Titan covers this really well if you'd like a recommendation, but keep in mind its for mature audiences only).

Get a HULU Plus account and a snack and go to town on anime shows. If you like them already and want to write about them sign up for Film Annex and get paid for it!


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