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☼ Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1: Reunion (再会) ☼

Hello guys ~ it's me again. Still not bored with me, right? : D This time I will write a blog about anime review of the first chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri. If you've read my previous blog titled "Anime: Digimon Adventure Tri Overview", you would already know that the anime will be divided into six chapters. Two chapters of the anime have already released. I'll discuss a bit about the first chapter below and I plan to make a separate blog later for the second chapter. Happy reading~!^^

"Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1: Reunion (再会) Trailer"

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☼ About ☼

Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion (再 会) is the first chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri movie series which is planned to be divided into six chapters. This anime movie has been released in Japan on November 21 2015 and for the Bluray version has been released on 18 December 2015. This anime is produced by Toei Animation and will be a sequel to the two previous series, Digimon Adventure (1999), Digimon Adventure 02 (2000). The anime is directed by Keitaro Motonaga and Atsuya Uki as characters designers.

"Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion Blu-ray Cover"

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Stories in this first chapter will focus on the relationship between Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida as the main characters.

☼ Story ☼

The story opens with the introduction of each character after 3 years since Digimon Adventure 02 ends. Starting with Taichi, Yamato, and Sora, which has now become a high school student and are in same class. Likewise with Koushiro who are in same school with them. Mimi who still live in the United States was forced to return to Japan for some reason. Jou already started preoccupied with exams and prep-school. And last, Takeru and Hikari that has now become a junior high student in same school.

"Kuwagamon appeared in real world"

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Without their knowledge, digital world gate re-opened and Kuwagamon suddenly appeared in the real world. The emergence of Digimon began to interfere the balance of the world, and the DigiDestined (Chosen Children) re-assembled to maintain the balance of digital world and real world.

And the new adventure begin. . .

☼ Cast ☼

"Digimon Adventure Tri Characters"

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  1. Taichi Yagami
    He is the holder "Crest of Courage" with Agumon as his Digimon partner. He's football club member and still doubt his future.
  2. Yamato Ishida
    He is the holder "Crest of Friendship" with Gabumon as his Digimon partner. He is a member of the band.called 'Knife of Day'.
  3. Sora Takenouchi
    She is the holder "Crest of Love" with Piyomon as her partner Digimon. She is a classmate of Taichi and Yamato and possibly has a crush to one of them.
  4. Koushiro Izumi
    He is the holder "Crest of Knowledge" with Tentomon as his Digimon partner. As always, he become source of knowledge with the help of his friends over the world.
  5. Mimi Tachikawa
    She is the holder "Crest of Sincerity" with Palmon as her Digimon partner. She grew into a beautiful girl and began to live back to Japan.
  6. Joe Kido
    He is the holder "Crest of Reliability" with Gomamon as his Digimon partner. As the oldest, he's busy with study for exam and prep-school.
  7. Takeru Takaishi
    He is the holder "Crest of Hope" with Patamon as his Digimon partner. He is the younger brother of Yamato Ishida and still gentle as always.
  8. Hikari Yagami
    She is the holder "Crest of Light" with Tailmon as her partner Digimon. She is the sister of Taichi Yagami and still hang out with Takeru as always.
  9. Meiko Mochizuki
    She just moved in near Taichi's home. Her identity still mysterious.
  10. Maki Himekawa
    She is a member of a secret organization that its original purpose is still unknown.
  11. Daigo Nishijima
    He is Taichi's teacher and hide a secret about his identity.

☼ Brotherhood ☼

In this first chapter, there are some brotherhood scenes or I could say bromance (Brother Romance). Because one of the themes of this anime is friendship, so it is not wrong if there is some bromance scene, moreover each character have known since childhood and they grew up together.Like a scene between Taichi and Yamato are sitting together at meals in the school cafeteria or when they fight each other. Since childhood, they're both emotionally close, especially they are a couple Jogress changes between Agumon and Gabumon and turned into Omegamon. So I could say their hearts were already united.

"Taichi and Yamato determination in battle"

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Toei Animation might deliberately use this way to attract bromance lovers of anime among girls or fujoshi to see this anime. Bromance scenes in this anime is not too extreme so still in a safe and reasonable scale. So do not hesitate to watch this anime just because of things like bromance.

Fujoshi (腐女子?, lit. "rotten girl") is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. -wikipedia

☼ Reunion ☼

In accordance with its title, the first chapter of this anime will tell the reunion between DigiDestined (Chosen Children) and their Digimon which after several years had never met. This is what has been long awaited by Digimon lovers, which certainly will make them moved when seeing this anime while remembering their childhood together with Digimon Adventure Series. Toei Animation did a great job with making this Digimon Adventure Tri movie, despite many fans who wish that Toei Animation would make this anime into a series format with many episodes like Digimon Adventure Series before.

"DigiDestined and their digimon gathered after battle"

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☼ Courage and Friendship ☼

Digimon Adventure Tri first chapter will explain more in the relationship between Taichi as the holder Crest of Courage and Yamato as the holder Crest of friendship. After the appearance of Digimon in the real world and DigiDestined started to fight them, people start blaming Digimon due to damage caused in the real world. This sparked dissent among Digidestined and the quarrels between Taichi and Yamato happened. Taichi which is a symbol of courage began to hesitate and falter in the fight against Digimon, because he began to feel scared and worried about the consequences of war on the environment around him. While Yamato as a symbol of friendship with the help of others DigiDestined continue to convince Taichi to fight Digimon. This showed that the story in this anime is more mature and deeper in comparison with the previous Digimon Adventure Series.

 "Fight between Taichi and Yamato"

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For Digimon fans who are more interested in action or battle than the story itself in this anime might be disappointed after saw this because of less battle scenes and quite short, especially the battle scene in the last few minutes. But for me, this anime has been quite satisfying and entertaining although there is some that makes me disappointed at the battle scene and the scene where Digimon evolved. And as for the design of the characters, as I have mentioned in my previous blog, where each character designs are not too prominent and seem ordinary, but I like the design of the current Digimon.

"Battle: Alphamon vs Omegamon"

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If you are fans of the Digimon, then Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion (再 会) is a must watch, but do not expect too much or you will be disappointed. You will be touched by recalling your childhood times with its musics and with its typical words from Digimon when evolved or in battle.

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