Another Shake Up in the Late Night Arena

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TBS announced today that it has canceled the Pete Holmes Show and I for one am disappointed to see this unrecognized gem go. Pete is a great comedian and he totally deserved his own show. The Pete Holmes Show follows Conan just like Lopez Tonight used to. Conan has been doing very well but those ratings never really passed over to the next time slot. I hate to say that I never really watched the show on TV. I mostly watched clips of it on the show's YouTube channel and what I saw I loved. I just wish that the show would continue going... I am sure it would eventually find its audience. This cancelation opens another late night slot, the other being the Late Late show on CBS after Craig Ferguson's departure. However, with two failed late night shows in the time slot perhaps TBS won't even replace him. Well, good luck to you Pete. For now you can catch Pete on his podcast on the Nerdist network.




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