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Analysing the situation on Bitlanders site regarding spam I have noticed certain improvement. This is, of course, the conclusion of a single member.

Many spammers accounts have been suspended. Guess it was a good lesson both to them and to the newbies who thought of getting away with cheating following the example of their friends, former Bitlanders members. After some of them have returned here, I did not get any spam on my blogs. People still use their own microblogs to ask for buzz and follow which is something that should not get paid but I don`t care what they do on their own blogs.

What I dislike is being tagged in microblogs that contain nonsense or half meaningful content. What do I mean by half meaningful content? It is probably something copied from another source, a sentence extracted from another blog or a book. In that way it means something but it means nothing to the person tagged! If the purpose of such content is to practice English language it is O.K. with me. Just  don`t tag if the message does not refer to the particular person! More than once I was tagged as "bro" which stands for "brother". Come on, do I look like a man to you?

I was thinking what I would do had I been in Bitlanders owners shoes... This is not only a place to earn. It is also a social site. In terms of a social site people should be allowed to post almost anything on their own page. But they can`t get paid if the content is not original and meaningful. So my penalties would be of financial nature for those who post non relevant and/or copied content while I would use suspending and banning accounts for those with more serious violations like offending and continuously spamming others.

Please don`t mind my remarks. They are solely reflections of a faithful Bitlanders member on improving the site.

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