APEC SUMMIT 2015 : Gearing towards a brighter future

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     APEC SUMMIT 2015 will be hosted by the Republic of the Philippines this coming November  18 -19, 2015 in Metro Manila. As this event will unfold here in our country, it will make a great impact in the economy of the Philippines. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III has to take advantage of this to boost our economy and tourism industry. Philippines is now being known as the "The Rising Tiger of Asia". Economist are saying that Philippine economy is going strong, this is as per their analysis. I have talked to some people, among them belongs to the working class, cab drivers, vendors and the likes, as what I have anticipated already their answers are all the same. They all agree that they are not feeling the rise of the country's economy, as the old adage states, "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer". So much to my dismay, I still feel the need to inform my readers about this APEC SUMMIT. What is APEC is all about and when it has begun.

Brief History of APEC:

    When former Prime Minister of Australia Bob Hawke delivered his speech at Seoul, Korea on January 31, 1989, the concept of APEC was formed. Ten months thereafter, 12 of the Asia-Pacific economies gathered in Canberra, Australia to constitute the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The organizing members were Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. In 1991, China, Hongkong, and Taiwan became a member. Mexico, and Papua New Guinea joined in 1993. Chile became a member in 1994. In 1998, Peru, Russia, and Vietnam became a part of the organization, thus making the number of members went up to 21.

     The main objective of APEC is the sustenance of the economic growth and welfare of the Asia-Pacific Regions. These countries are unified to form a vigorous and unified Asia-Pacific community, by creating an open and free trade  industry.

Former Australia Prime Minister Bob Hawke

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     This is the second time that the Philippines is hosting the APEC SUMMIT the first one was held at Subic, Zambales on November 24-25, 1996

APEC SUMMIT 1996 at Subic, Zambales, Philippines

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     What does this theme is hoping to convey to the people? What issues and topics will be covered in this summit? The main goal is to intensify job employment, uplifting productive employment, human capital development will be encouraged. Discussions on education, and innovations will also be tackled since it will have a greater impact on the future growth of each countries. Overall objective is strengtening the economy of the member countries.

    Philippines will benefit in this summit, because it is a chance to showcase the local market industry of the country. Proudly made Philippine products like handicrafts, furnitures, food and canned preserves and the likes. Raquel Choa Cebu's chocalte queen was asked to supply the giveaway chocolates at the APEC SUMMIT 2015. Ralfe's hand-rolled truffles and TCC's chocolate chips are being prepared as giveaway gifts to the Country leaders.

Raquel Choa

Ralfe's hand-rolled truffles

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Ralfe Gourmet

Casa de Cacao (Raquel Choa)

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Philippine made products for livelihood programs and products for exports

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The Preparation for APEC 2015

     Preparation for this event was really a major job for every official involved. Security for the International leaders alone costs the Philippine government to spend 10 billion to assure their safety. Moreover, the hectic preparations for welcome dinner and the venues which the Summit will be held. The worltrade center at Pasay City will be the  International media center and the Philippine International Convention Center will be used for the main convention.

World Trade Center

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Philippine International Convention Center

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President Aquino during one of the awarding ceremony.

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APEC 2015 welcome dinner

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     The Summit will start next week, thus President Aquino made the Proclamation No. 1072 suspending all classes and work on November 17 to 20, 2015 at the National Capital Region to giveway  for APEC SUMMIT. See schedule below:

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    Traffic will be worsts this coming week. There will be advisories as to which route you can take to avoid the traffic jam.


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Traffic rerouting scheme

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What is the effect of Paris attacks on APEC Summit 2015?

The Philippine Government assures higher security measures on APEC Summit after the Paris attacks last November 13,2015. Necessary precautions are being implemented now after the series of attacks in Paris. Every necessary precautions will be implemented to assure the security of all country leaders. For security reasons and to guarantee the safety of APEC leaders 1,364 flights has been cancelled already which started from November 16-21. 2015 both domestic and International. Domestic flights that has been cancelled has reached a total of 1,125 and 239 International flights has been cancelled. The United States of America and the rest of the world commemorated last September 11,2015 the 9/11 attacks in New York, fourteen years ago this incident has shocked the world. The attacks in Paris, France last November 13, 2015 again shook the world. A few days before the APEC SUMMIT will commence. Is this a coincidence or not? The Filipino people are now wondering, how prepared is the Philippine Government for the security of the national leaders and the delegates of the summit?  President Obama of the United States of America will be joining the leaders of different countries in this summit. Every necessary precautions are being enforced right now, strict adherence for security are being imposed, to avoid any untowards incidence..

No terrorists threat

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Personal thoughts:

     Most Filipinos are questioning the billions of pesos that are going to spend for the summit, amidst the poverty and unemployment issues in the country nitizens are questioning the expenditure issues. My take on this, it is the prerogative of the government to make decisions and hopefully they made the right decisions. The security of the world leaders are important and yet there are also Filipino people who are drowned in poverty. It is just a matter of check and balance. One leader's security being compromised in our country, then the whole country will be put to shame again. But is it also worth it to see most of Filipinos suffering in hunger and poverty? Hopefully the result of this summit will be able to help the whole country to totally boost our economy, more jobs and livelihood programs for the people to alleviate poverty in the country. Filipinos are hoping for a better outcome of this summit. Will the APEC SUMMIT 2015 in the country will yield positive results? This is something to ponder about. 

Fly high Philippines "The Rising Tiger of Asia"

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