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It always is an immense pleasure exchanging ideas with an ethnic Pashtun entrepreneur, sharing their amazing journey and success stories with the audiences is a great fun, during TEDxPeshawar 2013, listening to a software designer and developer who also happens to be a graduate from the prestigious Harvard University was a pleasant experience. The best part was when I asked my cousin about his speech, he answered, "That is fire coming out of his mouth".

Indeed it was, Muhammad Asif is a software geek and have written web applications used by millions of people worldwide, Asif laid foundation of Probist Inc, a web product company which has found success by providing web applications that have been used by over 25,000 brands such as Google, Pepsi and Nestle.


 Unfortunately, the number of web developers and software apps developers In Afghanistan is limited to just few, I am quite optimistic about the Afghan diaspora who are heading back to Afghanistan, laying foundations, giving inputs and sharing their quality experience with the people. Coming back to mobile applications, here are my favorite. 

1. Quran-e-Majeed

2. Flipboard

3. Ted

4. Twitter

5. Facebook

6. Google Chrome

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