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Pakistan is richly endowad with many archaeological treasure. The best Known is that  of Taxila situated about 30 miles North-West of Rawalpindi. It is not only famous for the oldest relics but also for its assocciation with Alexander and Ashoka . There are four sides at Taxila that became on important center of Buddhism and seat of great University . Alexander arives their in three twenty five BC. One of the special merits of Taxila is its unique contribution to wold's are artistic treasure . The art of Ghandhara -asplendid fusion of Buddhist art with Mediterranean influences.

The second famouse archaeological site is Mohenjo-Daro about 60 miles from Sukker. It is undoubtedly the best known of the sites that form part of what is now referred to "The Indus Valley Civilization." This ancient cradle of civilized men goes back about five Thousand (5000) years to the second and third millian BC. It is the contemporary with the prehistoric sites of Mesopotamia. It confirms the existance of an established civilization in the Indus valley region before the arival of Aryan invaders and also that fact that more than one ethnic type is present.

Similar discoveries have been made at Bhanbore, a site at the silted channel of the Indus about fourty (40) miles from Karachi. Its particular interest lies in the possibility that it is the site of Debul, where Muhammad Bin Qasim landed. Work is also to be done at Brahmanabad, about fourty-three (43) miles North-East of Hyderabad, where Dahir, Muhammad Bin Qasim's opponent makes his last stand.

Lahore is also richley endowed with Mughal culture. Most of the visitors to Lahore wish to see the old city, the ford, the Badshahi Mosque and the houses of some great families. One important building is the tomb build foe "Anarkali"the tragic maiden who has a love affair with Prince Saleem. When he becomes King and aldopts the name Jahangir. He builds a tomb over her burial place. It is now used to keep archieves in and is well worth a visit.

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