Are You a Winner or a Loser? an OFW Challege

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In the meanwhile I saw a post of one page for the Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) regarding or for anybody who wants to work abroad.
According to the post, the food in abroad is not similar to food here in Philippines, different weather, different languages, different religions, different attitudes of individuals, everything is different, so that’s why you need to adjust that much.

There will be a time will come that you feel the homesickness, the loneliness, and the hard to resist is the “TEMPTATION”.
Maybe it’s because you are alone and you feel like empty because you were miles away from your love ones, so you are trying to being comforted.
Yes! Working abroad is not that easy as the spelling itself. This is a big challenge especially to those married person.
At the end of the contract, there you can say if you win or lose. This is actually not all about how big your salary is, how much you saved, how many appliances, cars you bought, how big house you built, but the family you still have once your contract ended and you went home.
If your family is still there and waiting for you to come home, especially your spouse then you are a winner plus the savings and everything you've built while working abroad.

Nowadays, we all know that there’s a lot of OFW’s are a loser by this because of the temptation, either the guy or the woman does.

Again, always pray. He will help you. Ask and He will give.



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