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This movie should have gotten more recognition and praise from Hollywood.

Arrival (2016)
Directed by Denis Villeneuve
Scored by Jóhann Jóhannsson


Picture from Vox

This movie was based from a short novel/novella by Ted Chiang called Story Of Your Life. After watching this profound movie, I had to read the story accompanied by the movie's great score (the score should've still been nominated in the Oscars despite adding Max Richter's work in the movie too).  I was amazed by the movie itself and reading the story made it more deep. 

One thing I really learned from this movie was how I perceived time and its weight on me. We see time in a linear perspective, but in this movie the aliens and eventually Amy Adams' character see it all at once. They then understand to make choices not because of what will happen but what they will regret missing if they won't. Does that make sense? Many don't believe in freewill but in this movie it sheds light on it. At least on my part. You might feel like you had no choice but you will learn that truly we have a choice. It's really hard to explain something so complex in simple words relating to fate and destiny. But all I can say is it's all connected in some way we can't still fathom. Through this movie I learned to appreciate the value of my time and the choices I make. We even learn a little bit of Math and Linguistics.

I really do recommend you watch the movie and read the short novel. You should also listen to the score cause I cried watching the movie and reading the story.

Watch this take from ScreenPrism (Spoiler Alert though)


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