Arthur Langerman, Owner of Langerman Diamonds, On Judo and Education

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Arthur Langerman is the owner of Langerman Diamonds, a natural color diamond manufacturing company. He is today recognized as one of the world’s leading specialists in the field. After he became interested in Judo through a friend of his, he decided to sponsor the NYAC Judo Tournament, whose next edition will be held in Mars 2014.

Below is an interview of Arthur Langerman about his company, Langerman Diamonds, his interest in Judo and thoughts on how sports can help improve children's education.

Film Annex: Can you tell us how you came to the industry of diamond production and created your company Langerman Diamonds?

Arthur Langerman: I got into the diamond industry at a very young age out of necessity and I eventually found my true calling in sales. At the time I entered the diamond industry, Natural Color Diamonds were not actively traded with the same value as white diamonds and were given very little worth. In fact, most people only participated in the trade as a favor to the dealers. As time went on, I became independent and I saw the potential in Natural Color Diamonds. Then, I decided to concentrate solely on Natural Color Diamonds, which I found were more rare and beautiful than white diamonds.

FA: What makes Langerman Diamonds a special company?

AL: Langerman Diamonds is a special company because I have been building my collection of Natural Color Diamonds since 1965. I have a special collection of very rare and varied stones, which means when people cannot find the stones they are looking for elsewhere, they rest assured that we will have something to propose to them. We find stones for people in various budget ranges making sure that they have the best stone suited to their personal taste and requirements. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we do our best to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

FA: Why did you decide to sponsor the NYAC Judo Tournament?

AL: A very good friend of mine, Arthur Canario, a Judo World Champion, brought the tournament to my attention. Arthur has invited me to see a couple of his personal fights, which I enjoyed very much and after seeing Arthur compete, I understand why Judo can help child development.

FA: Do you believe that Olympic sports like Judo can contribute to children's education?

AL: In today's day and age, children have a very low attention span and a need to develop self-discipline. I believe that Judo and other Olympic sports gives children these skills and helps them compete in the increasingly competitive job market and other essential tasks.

The 2013 New York Open Judo Cup Super Final:

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