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[Artificial Inteligence] Multimedia System For The Smart Home - Photo credit: youtube, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

The obvious advantage of the Smart Home system is that it simplifies everyday life, eliminates unnecessary movements and hassle. For example, the light in the whole house can be turned off by pressing one button on the switch. Almost unlimited options for possible scenarios will allow you to put the apartment on the alarm, turn off all sockets, leaving only a couple of necessary, turn on the music, etc. 

You can install the Smart Home system both at the initial stage of repair, and upon completion of the finishing work, it all depends on the tasks you set.

One of the functions of the Smart Home system is sound control. Yes, here we will talk about managing the multiroom system and the functions of the multiroom in a smart house. What do these systems mean and what advantages do we implement and offer us?

Suppose you have a large house with many rooms - this is an entrance hall, bedrooms, a cinema, an office, corridors, children's rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a pool, etc. You need to install the sound-reproducing equipment in each room if you want to listen to the music or any other audio broadcast. And then the issue with a comfortable musical atmosphere in the house will be resolved. But just buying a large number of sets of audio equipment will be very expensive, and its placement in the premises and cable wiring can cause some inconvenience.

Wake up to your favorite song in the morning and let relaxing music wind you down after a long day at work. Audio goes beyond music for specific functions like a doorbell when someone is at the door or an alarm in case of emergency. Get creative with multiroom audio and multimedia.

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You can install one set of reproducing audio equipment for the whole house, even if it is large in area, and in all other rooms, you install audio speakers and speakers built into the ceiling and walls.

Everyone knows the word acoustics, not everyone understands fully what it means. A modern speaker system will help you feel this. The professional audio system in your home will open new facets of each sound. With a good speaker system, you can not only see the picture on the screen or hear simple sounds but also feel them.

Speakers are a great choice for those who appreciate the high-quality sound. Now you can truly appreciate the sound of your favorite music. And watching home movies will be even more fun. You feel all the sounds in a new way.

Smart home in the field of multimedia is, first of all, an audio and video multiroom system that allows you to control all devices using a single interface, as well as play any multimedia content in any audio/video zone of the house. 

Home Automation, Smart Home Setup, Theater Rooms: Custom Audio Visual Setup - Credit: youtube

It allows you to create functional audio and video multiroom, which will control all multimedia devices in the house through a single interface. Using the multiroom, you can select several audio and video zones in the house and play any multimedia material in them.

Locations of speakers and dynamics, as well as audio and sound control cables, are designed and mounted at the construction stage in special boxes that are located in the floor and walls. This technology of placing cable networks of multiroom, intercom, and other sound sources eliminates the inconvenience that the web of audio cables located throughout the house can carry.

The capabilities of the Smart Home control system and the sound management functions provided by it are diverse and almost limitless. The Smart Home system selects the necessary sound source and amplifies it with the required volume where it is needed.

For example, you can turn on one of the thousands of your favorite audio albums in the pool, listen to your favorite radio station or television program. The control system will deliver to you any sound source that is at your disposal. By the way, you can hear wherever you want, not only an audio CD but also a call from a phone or intercom.


[Artificial Inteligence] Multimedia System For The Smart Home - Photo credit: querlo

I should mention the function of the intercom, i.e., hands-free communication between control panels that have microphones and speakers. You can call, speak with a person who is in the farthest corner of your large house or other building using similar control panels.

The intercom function is realized only with the help of multifunctional control panels. Handsfree on the premises can be created using specialized panels of audio systems. Intercom can also be implemented using ordinary telephone sets, on which the choice of subscribers to call is made by simply dialing the subscriber's telephone code.

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Multiroom - what is it?

This is a network that allows you to access various audio or video files and signal sources from any room where playback devices are installed. The essence of the multiroom is the centralized management of the media system.

That is, you can enjoy watching movies or listening to music in any corner of the house where the equipment is installed, the entire complex of which is controlled by one remote control (or your gadget with a special installed program).

The main feature of the multiroom is the tracking mode. When this mode is activated, you can move around the apartment or house, and the film or music will move after you.

For example, if you watched the program in the bedroom, but suddenly wanted to eat and went to the kitchen, the program will turn off the screen in the bedroom and immediately transfer the signal to the kitchen TV so that you do not interrupt and are not distracted from the plot.

The same thing works with music, it will play in the room where you are currently, even if you went out into the street, in the garden or the garden, the music will play there. 


[Artificial Inteligence] Multimedia System For The Smart Home - Photo credit: dreamhomes

The system creates the perfect sound and video quality and spreads it to all rooms of the house. At the same time, you do not need to buy separate equipment for each room - just one high-quality professional set of the necessary equipment. It will be enough for all the home's premises. 


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