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[Artificial Inteligence] Smart Home: Climate Control System - Photo credit: gadgetpage, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

More than a half-century ago, the idea of a house was formed in the minds of science fiction writers, which itself takes care of its owner and is controlled automatically. Now smart homes are a reality. And, perhaps, the first thing that a person sets up in his house for himself is the atmosphere. In general, the climate control system in a smart home can be divided into three blocks: home heating, its ventilation, and air conditioning.

Climate control is a system used to maintain specified climatic characteristics in a home by automatically controlling how it's the home ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems. Modern climate control systems can work both independently and integrated into the technology of a smart home.

It seems that this is a cumbersome and complex system; however, thanks to modern gadgets, the usual apartment is rapidly dying. Climate technology is working hard to create a comfort zone for you.

Keep your home comfortable at all times by monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. With integrated HVAC Systems, there’s no need to be present to adjust the climate control. You can control multiple zones from one location and easily pre-set temperature set points.

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At first glance, it seems that all these devices are created and work for the good of their master. Very often, there is a situation of the futility of the operation of such devices, when the heating system stubbornly heats the air, and the air conditioning system cools the same air at the same time.

Also, any climate technology requires control and management. How much time do you spend on this? Of course, many devices are equipped with control units. Just imagine how many such separate control panels can accumulate in your home! How to control and manage all this?

All equipment in the house requires control and management and time spent on it. With Smart Home, everything is simple. The house itself controls and manages the climate. The Smart Home system knows how everything should work. Your home will take care of this. And you just have to enjoy the previously unheard comfort and coziness!

Smart climate is the integration of devices that provide comfortable weather in the house, in the complex of logical control of the home. The complex includes air conditioning, ventilation system, radiators, heating boilers, underfloor heating, humidifiers, ionizers.


[Artificial Inteligence] Smart Home: Climate Control System - Photo credit: morfi

What can such a system:

  • Create various climate scenarios depending on the time of year, ambient temperature, the purpose of the premises.
  • Monitor the temperature with devices built into the home architecture.
  • Maintain constant climatic indicators in rooms where tight control is required: basement, cellar, library.
  • Based on the temperature assessment outside the window, set the heating parameters of the heating radiators. Such indicators are set and controlled manually from a smartphone or on a panel created using touchscreen technology.
  • In stand-alone mode, manage the climate and heating of the Smart Home, select the optimal mode of operation of heating devices depending on the time of day, connecting only the necessary devices.
  • Monitor the safe operation of the climate control of the Smart Home. The sensors respond to an emergency, and in the event of a malfunction, they will turn off automatically. You can do this remotely. A notification will be sent to the owner’s smartphone.
  • Ease of control is done through a touchscreen panel that is convenient to operate or through the program installed on the smartphone. This makes it possible to control indicators, including remotely.

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a) Ventilation;  b) Conditioning;  c) Heating.

3. Deductive climate control approach.

4.  Principle of climate control system's performing.

5. Problems of climate control systems choice.

7. Ready-made climate control systems.

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When installing a climate control system, Smart Home will achieve significant savings in resources and, as a result, in your money.

More and more population currently install air conditioning, underfloor heating, and adjustable heaters in homes and apartments. All these devices as a whole cope with the task of creating comfort and maximum coziness for households.

You can try independent control over all the installed equipment; however, practice shows that this method requires a lot of time and constant participation from the homeowner. Therefore, the most rational option is to install a climate control system as a structural component of the smart home system.

The smart home system can independently cope with the creation, maintenance, and management of an individual microclimate for each area of the home. The coordinated work of all components of the climate system will maintain the necessary temperature and humidity separately for the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. In the absence of the owners of the house, a smart climate control system falls asleep before the arrival of users.

The climate control system using smart technology can operate in multitasking mode. All the temperature controllers on the radiators are set up, the air conditioner is turned on and off, and the temperature and percentage of air humidity are regulated using just one application or the program shell of the general control module.

Recent developments in smart systems have another extremely useful feature - the ability to make adjustments to the microclimate settings at home when the weather outside the window changes.


 [Artificial Inteligence] Smart Home: Climate Control System - Photo credit: querlo

Is automation of climate control necessary in a private house? Definitely yes, if you are the owner of a two or more story dwelling with an area of more than 120 square meters. In such a house, it is quite difficult and energy-consuming to independently control the processes of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Imagine how much time you have to devote daily to the homeowner to repeatedly go around and check the operation of all installed air conditioners, radiators, heating elements, a boiler, and window mode.

To ensure climate control, there are many different solutions, depending on the equipment used and the corresponding cost.


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