Artificial intelligence and philosophy

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"Artificial intelligence and philosophy" is my new C-Blog in the framework of "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are "BitLanders C-Blogging: Robots and Artificial Intelligence," "How is artificial intelligence going to change cities?" "Bitlanders C-Blogging: Negative impact of artificial intelligence."

Artificial intelligence as a subject of research of science is in the center of attention of experts from various positions. Its historical creation has rich traditions and is constantly evolving, receiving new content in a meaningful, structural and technological way.

The study of the problems of artificial intelligence requires a thorough analysis of the activity of consciousness, brain, the human mind, and the specifics of the course of cognitive functions. Such multifaceted problems are associated with the refinement of terminology, provide a theoretical justification of the content and main directions of plans and programs of their relationship to each other.

In this regard, a number of questions arise in analytical philosophy, which has a large amount of literature with options for critical answers from opponents, but no final answer has yet been proposed on the ratio of “consciousness and brain”.

Many situations of the use of artificial intelligence raised deep philosophical questions about the computer's ability to understand phrases of the human language, or about the interpretation of symbols, and not just their reproduction.

From these positions, we turn to the study of the views and positions regarding artificial intelligence and philosophy in my Querlo chat.


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