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Technological advancement in the last decade or so has been unparalleled in history. The manner in which artificial intelligence has crept in and quietly taken over our lives has made some people adopt a negative and suspicious attitude towards any smart machine.  Others view it as pure progress that humankind is making towards making life better for itself.

Artificial Intelligence In Our Everyday Gadgets

Smart homes don’t just belong in science fiction anymore, they are the present reality and the future of things to come. Artificial intelligence is incorporated into almost every consumer durable you own today. I am not merely talking your about TV, your smart watch or your phone, every home appliance you own could now be intelligently connected to interact with each other and do a variety of functions which could make life easier for you.

Artificial Intelligence will become ubiquitous in the next decade as it becomes more deeply embedded in the products that we use day in and day out to make our lives better.  - John T Kelly, CES Asia.

Artificial Intelligence At Work Through Our Everyday Personal Assistants 

Most households today have an Amazon Echo or some similar device. Your device can play the music you want, give you the latest news or the weather forecast at your command. It could also switch on or switch off your lights, TV and other connected equipment. Life couldn’t be any easier because it does your shopping for you from the amazon store too.  

Image credit Sujin Soman from Pixabay

Other AI Enabled Household Appliances

Smart fridges have already entered the scene. These households electronic devices which were once used to cool and keep your ingredients fresh can now give you information about the contents in your fridge. The will also let you know the ‘use by date’ of the products in the fridge and when you need to stock up. Now that is comfortable living isn’t it?

Well if you thought that was comfort think again. In the near future you could select a recipe on your fridge’s internet connected screen, it would be able to send instructions to your oven and you can even view the recipe on your cooking range. 

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Robot chefs are also already there in the market, they ‘cook up a storm’ in your kitchen. You do not have to order your food from a restaurant anymore just instruct your robot-chef and he will cook up your favorite dish to perfection every time, unlike the chef at the local restaurant.   

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Robotics for Entertainment

Robotic pets were first introduced by Sony into the market in 1999. Their robotic pet dog Alibo was an instant hit and after selling 150,000 they stopped production in 2006.

Robotic pets have come a long way from what they were in 2000. They have fluffy coats and life like eyes.These robotic pets are clean, safe, and easy to manage without the burden of normal pet care or grooming. You could play fetch with these robotic pets, cuddle with them and enjoy their company without fear of allergy or being hurt. These cute and intelligent make great companions not only to children but also to lonely elders.

There are various other AI enabled robots which could play games, I am sure you remember 'Deep Blue' who defeated Garry Kasparov at his game in 1997.  

Other Robotic Helpers Who Could Assist You

‘Pepper’ is a humanoid robot from Haier which can coordinate all your household appliances and act as your personal mechanical butler. Pepper can coordinate between connected kitchen appliances to put food on your table.

Avatarmind created a Robot nanny called i Pal from could be a boon to the working mothers. This nanny is designed to be a “friendly companion to play with and talk to (your children) naturally,” according to the company’s tag line. This nanny is so gifted that it/she can dance, tell stories, play games, answer their queries and even assist them to have live chats with their buddies. You could talk to your children and monitor their actives from your phone app while i Pal is taking care of your kids.

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 Soon you will have all kinds of robotic companions ( robot butlers and maids) to assist you with various household chores. Jibo is one of them, there are many others in the making like Jibo. These useful helpers are great companions, they entertain, act as your personal assistant, your home manager and could be like the ever dependable buddy.

Then there are the security/survilence robots systems for your home, which could warn you of possible threats and keep you safe protected from intruders and thieves.  


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I wonder what robots aided by artificial intelligence cannot do these days? Their ability to respond to your voice and interact with you, makes them seem almost human. However, the recent bunch of robots which can emote, understand your feeling and even respond to them make them seem even more like a human companion.

“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.” – Ray Kurzweil

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Final Thoughts

While these intelligent systems make life a lot easier for us, so have the time to focus on the more important things in life, it is important to acknowledge that it has a negative side to it. What could be the negative side to intelligent appliance in your home? You face the danger of becoming a couch potato sitting in one place and instructing your artificial intelligence machines to do all your work. While they get the exercise you get could get the rewards of an easy couch life.  What worries me more is the number of jobs that would go if artificial Intelligence systems were to be widely used. Mankind is already tottering at the edge of poverty and scarcity with only a few people reaping the rewards of the wealth created, the widespread use of AI will only push us over the edge is my guess.

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