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[Artificial Intelligence] THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Movie Review - Photo credit: youtube, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

 Why is the Matrix so popular, why is this trilogy not only authentic but legendary?

 At the time of the year 2003, when Wachowski were still brothers and not sisters, the bosses of Hollywood movie studios were increasingly thinking about how to get more money from a successful movie franchise. I am among those viewers who consider the second Matrix to be no worse than the first, and the intriguing finale of Reloaded kept me impatient. Such an extraordinary story, where cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic are wonderfully mixed, promised a perfect time spending. 

We must pay tribute to the Wachowski brothers, who managed to come up with a tremendous imagination and shoot the most discussed trilogy in the world of cinema. The final part of this story undeservedly received the worst rating from the audience. This is due to cooling to the topic and even some antipathy to the project due to its deliberate pretentiousness and commercial success.

No doubt, the best trilogy...ever. And i mean..ever. Not even Lord of the Rings with its action scenes and what have you can compete with the intensity and excitement the Matrix Revolutions has delivered.

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Be that as it may, Wachowski did not surrender in any way either ideologically or technically. THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS turned out to be very spectacular and emotional. Fans of special effects do not have to get bored - everything was done grandly, and especially the battles in Zion.

The first part of the Matrix was about birth; the second one was about life and the third is about death or may even rebirth. 


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The Plot

The action of the third film will begin with the same scene that the second Matrix ended. It is a continuous war between Humans and Machines.

After The Architect (Helmut Bakaitis) revealed the whole truth about the creation of the Matrix, and the true role of the Chosen One, Neo (Keanu Reeves) rejected the option he proposed to save humanity and chose in favor of saving his beloved Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). This led to the corresponding consequences - if nothing is done within 24 hours, Zion will be destroyed. 

At the same time, an attempt to counter-attack of the military command of Zion fails - someone prematurely opened fire from an electromagnetic gun, and many people died, most of the ships were destroyed. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) is defeated after realizing that everything he believed was a lie. There is an attack of hunters on Nebuchadnezzar; Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and Link (Harold Perrineau) manage to escape, but the ship explodes. Neo, sensing that something has changed, stops the hunters by the power of thought, and loses consciousness. At this moment, the Hammer (Anthony Zerbe) ship picks them up.

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The Idea

The main idea is the struggle between good and evil. 

The film almost consisted of only battle scenes, skirmishes, and hand fighting, but at the same time, it carries a deep meaning, which touches human feelings even more. Indeed, if you look at our world today, ee cannot imagine it without the Internet, mobile phones, and any household appliances. We are slaves of robots in some sense. Yes, theoretically we can take and throw out a computer or laptop, but when it comes down to it, we understand how we are attached to them. Maybe we are really in the matrix? The question is rhetorical, but it makes you think.

 In the modern world, as never before, it is obvious that wherever you go, everywhere the system deceives people, and everything is on the hook. It doesn’t matter if you are a servant of the system (state, in particular) or you are dissenting (revolutionary). The system has everything under control.

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And the film shows why this is happening. Such different people fight among themselves, confident in their rightness, not able to interact. And this makes the system a winner because it owns information and it manipulates everyone.

That's why this film is brilliant. This is not only a great script but a deception of the viewer. Leaving the cinema for the first time, all viewers did not understand that the matrix is real. And that just like our system, this film deceived us, played a cruel joke with us.

Wachowski never reveals the truth. This is also because our world is so distorted that not a single ideologist, idealist, maximalist can make the world a better place alone. Therefore, the name THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS means that heroes do not solve problems, just as real revolutions do not solve them.

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Artificial Intelligence

What is the matrix? Nobody can say this. You must see it with your eyes. Not only to see, but also experience it. With the history that we have, we will never know what the matrix is. It can be any experiment. And here you can draw many parallels.

Matrix - the real and imagined world where we live, work, and entertain is just a simulation of powerful computers that make Machines try to turn all humans into slaves.

The film does not show us salvation. In the original script, Zion is part of the matrix. A trap for those who create a revolution.

Smith is increasingly captivating the Matrix with his many copies and, no matter how impossible it sounds, penetrates the real world.

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The Wachowski brothers, having created their unusually interesting interpretation of the second coming in the first film, almost destroyed it in subsequent sequels. It is a pity to realize that the existence of the Chosen One is nothing more than a software algorithm provided by a computer, which is necessary for machines to control the population of the human species and not God's conduct. 

 You feel like Murphy, absolutely deceived in everything. It turns out that all those who accompanied and helped Neo along his path either lied or were deceived. Consequently, everything that Persephone said and admonished was dictated by machines, and saving the Key Master is just another sequence of actions pleasing to the computer or the creator of the Matrix - the Architect.

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The Meaning Of The Final Battle

Many people don’t understand why machines couldn’t immediately kill people. The chip was double. For fans of Hollywood Kong-fu, they shot a fight. And for lovers of philosophy and history, they indicated in bold that there was no meaning of the battle.

It was necessary to find a moment when the virus program is mistaken in its decisions, not knowing that NEO is the same error as the SMITH virus. Smith as a program, simply wanted to get the full Matrix. The trick was in Neo because he appears in the matrix, and he is strong and influential in the system. It was necessary to destroy him, to make him what the virus is. As the architect said to Neo, an anomaly is an imbalance in the equation.

This is a mistake in the human-machine relationship system itself. When SMITH copies himself to Neo, a fatal error occurs, and the Matrix simply reloads. The two parts of the trilogy simply indicate that all the tricks were because no one rebooted the matrix.

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The Personages And The Actors

Neo and Smith are enemies, representing Zion and the Matrix, respectively. Smith and Neo, like all other characters, represent the types of real people.

Neo - these are people blinded by their ego, taking on the role of leader and chosen one. He does not attach importance to his abilities in Zion, and as a result, nothing changes. As the Architect said, they did it 6 times! 

 Smith is a person (s) of the system who was devoted to it but saw that the system was distorted. Therefore, he does not understand why Neo is still alive, why the system itself protect it, why people believe in what they are told by the system.

Trinity, Morpheus - blindly believing people. Clinging to Neo as a chosen one, they found their meaning. And the Matrix played along with them. It is no coincidence that the religious names are Trinity, Morpheus, the ship Nebuchadnezzar. This is a direct message about the illusory nature of religions, where people believe in what they are told by the system.

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Both Neo and Smith see strange signs of distortion, a lie of the system that deceives both of them with one goal - to preserve the system. But they do not realize that it is necessary to unite.

The role of Neo as the Chosen One is fully revealed in this part of the trilogy. Correct, if I'm wrong, but isn't it the task of the Chosen One to sacrifice himself and everything that he has for the sake of humanity?

Neo turns into a superman; the plot is complicated by the unnecessary politics of the world - he does not become a superman; he just gets some abilities for a cool effect. Moreover, this is not real-world but a matrix where the laws of physics can be circumvented. Take it easy. Politics of the World? And what else needed to be described if not the rules for the existence of the matrix. Neo himself in the second part was shown as a person seeking the meaning of life - he is given a mission that in the end does not suit him. Nevertheless, he is like a program and is forced to do what is told him. Everything is logical.

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Agent Smith from the first part and Agent Smith from the second are two different characters. One program and another virus. They have a similar philosophy and manner of communication, but the idea and meaning of existence are already different. Smith does not become evil. He becomes the one who wants to fuck everything and spread further with his algorithm - the work cycle depends on the amount of the whole world that he can get.

The Overall Impression

 The script is the true value of the film. Because even having reviewed all the parts dozens of times, you come back again, and it turns out that everything is different.

For the new viewer, The Matrix will be an action movie with elements of cyberpunk, computer technology, and a not entirely logical plot.

 The plot - it is consistent, all along the chain: from the foreword and explanations to the long-awaited final battle. The visual range is above all praise and, in my opinion, it was in the last part that he reached his technical peak.

Green color, green atmosphere, spectacularity, the complexity of perception, intrigue, beauty, even in small things, and finally, any of the parts look like a logical beginning or a continuation of the whole story. As if everything is clear and understandable - as in the program, as in the computer, as in the matrix.



To be honest, it was nevertheless interesting to find out if there were such people who understood absolutely the entire film from beginning to end, knew the answers to all the questions, and understood what each of the actions of the machines and the people meant. 

Why am I asking? I doubt whether there are such people in principle, with the exception, perhaps, of the Vachovsky brothers (sisters). But, the thought suggests itself to me that you, the viewer, should not fully understand everything that is happening on the screen. You have to understand the general essence of the film, and to a greater extent just enjoy the feast of the most modern technologies and hope that good (in the person of Neo and others will conquer the same, always accompanying evil (in the form of machines, agent Smith, and some else).

I enjoyed the completion of the Matrix trilogy. There is no unnecessary fuss of talks, there are no unnecessarily long and homogeneous fights. Mega tension. Special effects are just a mega-level! I have never seen such a natural uprising of machines in my life. Well, the final battle of Neo and Smith against the background of heavy rain is something! Water has always beneficially influenced many aspects of human life, but right now, just for the cinema, it was amazingly necessary, because such beauty cannot be missed!

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Regarding the story itself, it continues the ending of the second part. Even though the films were released very close to each other, and now they were watched virtually without a break, you still slightly miss the thread of the film. But this is not a problem at all. All the same, it all comes down to protecting Zeon from an imminent attack by machines, as well as to finding Neo the meaning of his mission - and that what we expected.

The matrix has affected millions of hearts around the world and to this day affect. For me, the Neo Saga is one of the few action movies that carry a certain philosophy

 On A Final Note

Movies like The Matrix are not worth retelling. And to describe too. They must either be watched or forgotten forever. But if you choose not to watch it, then know that you are depriving yourself of the best show in the history of cinema in the fantasy genre.

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS is the last part of the famous Wachowski brothers' trilogy about the confrontation of people and robots. 

Critics are unhappy that creators did not tell us about the final fate of Neo. So it’s even wonderful: think for yourself, continue the script each at your discretion, be inspired, fantasize, think out!

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In my opinion, Matrix is a film about our dual reality with you where there is no answer to the most important questions. And the lack of these answers makes people choose roles - Neo, Trinity, Morphius, Smith, etc. Therefore, I recommend that you watch this movie carefully and choose which Matrix to believe in.

 The postulate spoken by Agent Smith about the nonsense of life perfectly demonstrates the soulless impasse of modern civilization. But for a person without a worldview, the Matrix represents precisely the idea that is closest to him:

The Oracle : Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading. I see death.

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My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 35/100
Metacritic: 47/100
Critics average: 60/100
IMDb: 6.7/10

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