As loneliness sets in.

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Its always known how bad it is at night to be all alone with your thoughts and thinking. How at night your demons come out to play and all you are left with is dark abyss.

But why doesn't anybody say anything about how in the early morning when the rays of the sun are just peaking out and you are there sitting all alone. That's when the loneliness sets in.

At night its okay. Its much better because its always known how nights are but a day? A new dawn and you are still all alone with your demons that's when the real loneliness sets in.

That's when you wake up bright and early, way too early for your own good and you expect to things me better but they aren't.

Its not a new day like you imagined it to me. Its just the continuation of whats been going on and what will go on. Not to sound like a pessimist but that's just the reality.

New day concept has never appealed to me. Why? Because yes things might change in a day but they can go downhill too. They can get much worse and you won't be able to do anything.

The loneliness that sets in early in the morning is the worst because even on such a beautiful time when sun is just peaking out, wind blows through your hair while birds chirp around happily you are still all alone. Bottling yourself up hoping to just go through another day. Be strong enough.

A new dawn which is supposed to bring hope and positivity doesn't do that anymore for you. It just tells you how it really is. How you are alone even when you seem to think you have everything.

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