Ashley Paczolt on Film Annex's Afghan Development Project & GIVE

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Ashley Paczolt, the Manager of Ad Operations at Altitude Digital Partners, told us what she thinks about the recent Film Annex initiatives in Afghanistan. Film Annex is currently building Internet classrooms in Afghanistan with the mission to improve the Afghan education system and the economy of Afghanistan

"I think it is a wonderful program and I wish more individual companies would be willing to take the initiative to start similar projects. People should recognize that they do not need to wait for the government nor the general masses to make a change, they can start it on their own. With the success of this project, maybe others will join, realizing that not only does Afghanistan need help but so do many other countries with similar predicaments. Technology can change a child’s future, not only will it impact their future careers but their knowledge. Often times people are unaware of the effect that technology has on their day to day lives. In the past, people had to go to a library and find a book to read for their information but now all of that information is online. Imagine not having access to all of that information due to the limits of not having a computer with internet. Even one computer with internet access opens up the world to you, we need future generations to be educated. They deserve the opportunity to research problems and gain different perspectives."

More on Ashley Paczolt: Paczolt has spent her entire career focused on online advertising operations and trafficking. She has worked with at least 5 different ad servers and continues to increase this number. She frequently works hand in hand with advertisers to help optimize  publishers’ accounts and increase their bottom line. With her incredible work ethic, she is able to see new revenue potential for websites, help improve ad quality throughout the network, provide advertisers with premium traffic, and personally work with clients to help them learn the online advertising industry. Ashley has a beagle who she treats like a person after he demonstrated that he could open refrigerators and was willing to take out the trash (well take the trash out of the trash can). She hikes every weekend in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains where she works on becoming the next karate kid in the tranquility of nature. Ashley went to the University of Portland in Portland, OR where she double majored in psychology and sociology.


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