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I was born in Florence, and have lived half of my life in New York City. I traveled the world, and enjoy personal interaction with people of different cultures and upbringing. I love asking questions and learning from others. I live my life by the philosophy that “if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!”. Learning from others has an incredible value and brings mutual benefits to those who ask a question and those who formulate the answer. This interaction allows both parties to increase knowledge and create common ground of collaboration and development.




Biz Stone launched Jelly a few weeks ago, during a very busy time for me. In the last few weeks, I have been occupied with the launch of Film Annex's new Content Flow and Gamification, and in addition, on February 1st, Film Annex will introduce the BitCoin digital currency payment system. In spite of this very busy schedule, I spent a good amount of time understanding Jelly's structure, philosophy and potential. I have been fascinated by Jelly's features since the very first day. Jelly is not a social media platform but a learning platform where I can place questions and seek support from people, as well as offer my support and answers to a very extended network of people in need of help.



In the last few days, I had the very pleasant surprise of getting some useful, ironic and inspiring answers that opened my eyes on the incredible value of human collaboration and support.




I also provided a few answers to other people's questions and received a warm "Thank You" from the person who appreciated my suggestion!




This very informative support system called Jelly motivates me to elevate my interaction, with better and more sophisticated questions and answers. I know I can count on people who care about my needs and questions. Providing support to others is even more fulfilling than being supported. This sense of collaboration and human empathy is the key to a better world with less friction, wars and discrimination, a world where the questions and answers are between a broad network of supportive and good willed people, not a world divided by leaders and followers.


I think that Jelly is a great application, especially for people from developing countries where there is a need of human support and broader horizons. Jelly can support, conform and educate those who can't access basic information. It can answer questions to those that are lied to. Jelly can really open new opportunities. I hope that Jelly will expand to more languages to facilitate our introduction of this great application to Film Annex's users in 245 countries, territories and islands, including Central Asia and South America, where the Women's Annex Foundation is active in Digital Literacy for Digital Citizenship Without Borders.


Later this week, I will discuss with Roya Mahboob, board member of both Women's Annex Foundation and Jelly, and Fereshteh Forough, board member of Women's Annex Foundation, on how we can best introduce Jelly to the thousands of students we work with in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and other developing countries.


Fereshteh Forough, Biz Stone and Roya Mahboob at the Film Annex Studios.


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