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Being a Mussulman if we talk of protecting our Mussulman brothers and sisters then we should be ready all the time to push back the enemies of Islam for security of Mussulman brothers and sisters. It is the occasion of eid celebration in the whole world but in Gaza it is still the time of mourning and grief death is hovering over them and they are crying for help and protection. Once again Gaza is the victim of worst aggression of history, Once again it is plunged into blood; Israel has given the gift of destructive bombing, fire, smoke and gunpowder to the innocent children of Gaza as their Eidi.

Israel is a small country, smaller than many major cities of the world even smaller than Karachi and Lahore. The population of Israel is less than 82 billion with the area of about 8522 sq-mil. But the ability of its hostility is probably more than many powerful countries. When the U.S. entered Vietnam half the world stood against the United States and when Russia attacked to Afghanistan then half the world was against Russia but now no one is speaking against this brutal act of Israel.  Israel made the kidnaping and murder of three Jewish boys as a pretext for invasion. Although, the area where these dead bodies were recovered, was entirely in Israel's possession. In response to the killing of Jewish boys Israeli goons burnt alive a Palestinian teenager. Still Israel brutality and cruelty made innocent people of Gaza victim of its nastiness.

Over the last 6 years Palestinian territory of Gaza is in siege of the Zionist Israeli usurper. Even today the blood is being shed in Gaza, much of its responsibility lies on the Arab countries who demonstrates the perpetual silence and apathy on the Israel's government terrorism. To save Gaza many Arab countries can take measures against Israeli aggression but the entire Muslim world along with UN is silent. Eighteen million people living in Gaza are living like living in hell. Israel seized the lives of eighteen million Palestinians but death is easy for them. What is the fault of Palestinians living in Gaza? They do not count in humans? These eighteen million people have no right to live? These eighteen million people have no any kind of basic human rights? Eighteen million human beings are being oppressed just because they are Palestinians? Or  is their sin is that they have voted Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in Palestinian elections of 2006? Or they are criminal as they born in Palestine?

Israel from July has launched massive attacks on Gaza and is demolishing the homes of innocent Palestinian. Their fields has been burning, their gardens have been destroyed, more over dangerous and deadly weapons and technology is being used against innocent citizens. Innocent children have been attacked with heavy bombs. Daily Dozens of Palestinian children's bodies are laid in rows. We are mussulmans and we have forgotten the basic teachings of Islam. Palestinians children, women, man and old people need our help and we are doing nothing for them. Shame on us, shame on our thinking Palestinians are in trouble but Muslim world is busy in the celebrations of eid. Are we the followers of Hazart Muhammad (S.A.A.W)? it’s the time of unity of Muslim country to teach Israel the better and bitter lesson so please think about Palestinians. 



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