Attract Procurement Consultancy Services, established by Filmannex writers in 2013.

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About APCS:

Attract Procurement and Consultancy Services (APCS) Accredited and licensed by Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under D-51189.

The company is managed by a group of dedicated professionals who have both academic background and practical experience in the area of procurement, management and capacity development.

APCS recognizes the urgent need for reform of the entire public procurement regime and management of projects, consisting of legal, institutional and procedural frameworks; introduction of modern project management and supply chain management techniques for efficient and effective use of resources and finally boosting demand driven learning and sustainable capacity development.

The main goal of APCS is to provide quality management solutions to the government, NGOs, and private sector in areas of Procurement, Management, capacity building, research and assessments, monitoring & evaluation, business development service and Private Sector Development using internationally best practices.


 To be recognized as a world class solutions provider; in the area of procurement, management, capacity development, processes, business development services, monitoring, evaluation, and research. 

Mission Statement:

Provide customers the best professional services in the most efficient time, operate and grow sustainably through sound economic decisions.

Core Values:             

Committed in; Professionalism, integrity, quality, and client orientation


Considering the working environment exogenous factors and continuous competing changes, current gains of your organization cannot guarantee sustainable growth .APCS not only provides quality services, but also assists your organization to adopt the constant organizational development culture for emerging needs. As part of its commitment and dedication, APCS enables you to have a deep understanding of future opportunities, and challenges which may affect your organization, encourages    you to review rules and policies that are outdated and adopt best international practices to the unique context of your organization.

Professional Staff & Affiliate experts:

Besides its highly qualified core team, several individual consultants (national and international) with expertise in different fields are affiliated with APCS. In addition, APCS has established partnerships with national and international consulting firms, aiming to bring variety of expertise from deferent parts of the world.

Services Rendered:

APCS provides a wide-range of services in the area of procurement, management and capacity development as outlined below:

  1. Procurement:

Considering the evident weakness and none existence of professional service providers in the area of public and private procurement, APCS through its professional team Provides these services to Public, Private bilateral and multilateral agencies and entities. It also help private companies in improving their understanding of procurement guidelines, rules and regulations of the government, World Bank, UN agencies and other.

We can assist you specifically in the following area:

  1. F Post-Review
  2. F Public and Private Procurement Department Reforms
  3. F Procurement Capacity Building Research and Development
  4. F Inventory Management
  5. F Procurement Trainings
  6. F Preparation of Bidding Documents
  7. F Logistics of materials Distribution
  8. F Establish supply chain management
  9. F Payment Systems
  10. F Contract Management Problem solutions
  11. F Tender Opportunities advertisements
  1. Program and Project Management:

APCS through its team of experts can assist public and private organizations in programme/project development process (from initiation to completion) using global best practices. (Like Prince 2 and capacity work). Our core team comes with decades of national and international experience in the area of management can offer the following services in the area of management:

  1. F Initiation and concept development
  2. F Project development
  3. F Project implementation plans
  4. F Monitoring and evaluation
  5. F Resource mobilization and management
  6. F Reporting for deferent audiences
  1. Capacity Development and Training:

APCS is a dedicated capacity development firm considers capacity development as its core functions, therefore APCS can conduct capacity needs assessment of your organization and develop tailored capacity development programmes based on your capacity needs at individual, organizational and enabling levels.

We offer trainings in the following areas:

  1. F Financial Management
  2. F Human Resources Management
  3. F Effective Communication Skills
  4. F Decision Making
  5. F Coaching
  6. F Business Writing
  7. F Leadership
  8. F Improving Efficiency
  9. F Performance Management
  10. F Total Quality Management (TQM)

Besides the above- stated areas APCS also offer services in the following areas:

Business Development Services: dynamism is the key for success of SMEs in Afghanistan; therefore APCS through its tailored training will offer a range of services for SMEs by assisting them in proper business plan development, establishment of proper business management skills, assist SME with marketing skills and market intelligence and finally assist in proper value chain assessment and development.

Research and Advocacy: research is the key for informed decision making and advocacy, therefore APCS through its network of experts can assist your organization in conducting surveys and researches based on your needs.

Professional Translation: APSC has certified translators in the country and can assist your organization in both simultaneous and written translations in English, Arabic, Dari and Pashto languages.

Geographical coverage:

APCS operates from its main office in Kabul and has networks of consultant across the country therefore; based on the need we can work at any part of the country.

Contact APCS:

Zarakshan Business Center, 3rd Floor office no 9, Chicken Street, Kabul Afghanistan



Telephone: +93 (0)788002003


About the author


Sadaqatullah Sadiq was born in 1974 in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. Studied in Economics fields. Worked as Procurement and finance and research fields in UNOPS, Altai Consulting and , MoF currently working as Head of Procurement in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. NABDP/UNDP

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