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One thing that I truly enjoy with the Wall Street Journal newspaper is their Friday edition, which includes the Arena section that is basically all about the changing culture, literature, music, television and movies.

The main topic that caught the twinkle in my eye is an article referencing literature; it focused on our changing habits, methods, likes and dislikes in regards to reading books.

I sincerely enjoy a dreamy, peaceful ambiance when reading a great book and I mean the whole enchilada. That is, laying on a soft blanket in a breezy park, taking in the summer and possibly a glass of wine or some cool water while reading a great classic novel or the latest great author.

But we all know this is not very feasible in the real world; so what the WSJ found is that our habits are shifting further than the more recent move to electronic books or e-books.

The digital revolution has really taken a toll on print books and all forms of print media but, it has surprisingly boosted sales of audio books.

Consumers have really taken a liking to audio books considering the fact that sale have doubled and the target audience has significantly expanded to include practically anyone with a smartphone.

The trigger for audio books were e-books in addition to...podcasts. Podcasts on smartphones were huge at one point and listeners continue to use podcasts for various reasons.

Audio books have always been around except, they were not presented in the modern, artistically appealing fashion, and digital version that readers enjoy in the present day.

But what does that say for the way we read. Would you consider individuals who listen to audio books readers? Since we are a people of labels, most would argue, not so much.

Nonetheless, digital-audio copies of famous novels and new releases really expand the market for creative storytelling, bringing a more modern, digitally revolutionized approach to reading.

Even if you are completely opposed to audio books, it would not hurt to try one. You never know if you will find them very appealing unless you try them.

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