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FC Bio Sanitary Pad with NATURAL HERBS

FC Bio Sanitary Pad enriched with pure natural herbs to provide hygiene, dryness and feminine comfort during menstruation period.

Helps to prevent and rectify the following problems:

• Urinary tract infection
• Vaginal infection
• Itchiness
• Hemorrhoid
• Backache during menstruation
• Bad Odor
• Menstrual pain
• Bladder infection
• Vaginal discharge


Herbal Pads come out with 17 selected herbs. Among the advantages and benefits of herbal pads are :

• Restore and balance the menstrual cycle system.
• Reduce risk and shrink the fibroid tumor.
• Avoid the risk of cervical cancer and pelvic inflammatory disease.
• Provides stability and relief for menopause symptoms.
• Lowering the risk of colon and hemorrhoids.
• Avoid the risk of loss of the uterus.
• Soiled with blood and postnatal blood clots in the uterus.
• Help speed the healing process after childbirth.
• Avoiding germs and bacteria in the vagina and bladder.
• Reduce the fishy smell, itching, rashes and painful cramps.
• Removing white, yellow and wind throw (according to the vagina).

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