Back to Basics - Hand drawn animations

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Sometimes it is nice to take a break from technology. Do something by hand, the old fashion way...aka keeping it real. Vincent and I have decided to take on a pretty ambitious project which had not been planned for a long time. We just discussed film making and the upcoming possibilities for us as far as to which film to go for. We got denied for a government grant so our "more ambitious" projects had to be set on the back burner for a while.

Our solution to that, was to go out and do something even MORE ambitious, but that would cost way less. How you may ask? By putting our personal lives on the line and just taking it upon ourselves to do almost everything. Do what exactly? Interesting question.

We have decided to do a mix of animation and real life footage. Coming to terms with the sad truth that we could not afford major props or fancy shooting locations, we figured, hey, why not create our own damn set right?

Without giving too much away (for now) we are working hard on our "sets" and landscapes, for our next short film that will have a sort of sci-fi / post apocalyptic feel to it, without being exactly that.

As usual, we cannot do what everyone else is doing, so I will leave the surprise til we release the official trailer (a few weeks from now) but I think everyone who is into art or animations the slightest bit, will appreciate the effort into constructing this film.

Stay tuned!

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